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APRO Contest Runner-up Shares Her RTO Story

Shanah Willis with three-year-old grandson, Park Thompson

APRO held a “What’s Your RTO Story?” contest in February awarding winners an opportunity to share their most inspiring RTO stories at the 2019 APRO Legislative Conference held on April 9-11 in Washington, D.C. One of this year’s runners-up was Shanah Willis, Rent One customer relations representative, and this is her RTO Story:

Shanah Willis is well acquainted with the challenges of obtaining the sort of therapy and equipment a special needs child requires. 

Willis’s three-year-old grandson, Parker Thompson, requires some specialized items due to his cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other health conditions. The unfortunate reality remains that insurance programs don’t always cover the needed items that may seem frivolous but make an enormous difference in the child’s life. 

Recently, Rent One began a program called the Personal Shopper Program. The program provides an avenue for customers to order non-standard items while using the RTO model of payment to divide the cost into small payments. Willis took advantage of the program to order a new seat for Parker. The seat is designed to help the child sit up straight – something that would be otherwise difficult for a child with cerebral palsy. The seat has a retail price of $650, a price that is too high for Willis to afford to pay outright. However, with the help of the Rent One program, she was able to purchase the seat through a payment plan structured into biweekly payments. 

The seat has made a big impact on Parker’s life. Recently, Willis was able to take Parker to the park, and use the seat, allowing him to use the swings for the first time. “Swinging was a HUGE milestone that would not have been possible without Rent One and the RTO industry,” says Willis. 

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