APRO 2016-2017 Committee Assignments

The APRO Board of Directors is a talented team with committees headed by top-notch talent, but the association would like to expand committee participation beyond members of the board. APRO is urging participation from other association members to tackle industry issues on its various committees. Listed below, you’ll find a list of those committees, contact information for the chairman of each committee and APRO members who are currently participating. We encourage you to contact the committee chairs, get involved in one or more committees and help make the association even better.


  • Trent Agin, Chairman
  • David Kraemer
  • Jonathan Rose


Communications Mission Statement
To provide support for APRO’s full-time publications staff and provide recommendations on policy matters, editorial focus and reader education and sources for new advertising revenue. The committee will also assist other committees in the quest to attain their goals through association publications.


Education Mission Statement
To continue APRO’s program of informative seminars, teaching aids, and related materials that will improve the professionalism among rental dealers, their employees and the rental industry’s relationship with vendors and other related businesses.

Government Relations

Government Relations Mission Statement
To create a safe legal and legislative harbor for the rent-to-own industry in the 50 state legislatures and in the U. S. Congress.
  • Matt Grynwald, Chairman
  • David Harrison
  • Robert Kamerschen
  • Jonathan Rose
  • Jamie Slatton


Membership Mission Statement
To increase and maintain membership at the highest possible levels and to set the standard of service for our membership.


Political Action

Public Relations

Public Relations Mission Statement
To build credibility and raise the profile of the rent-to-own industry to improve the industry’s image and marketing environment.

State Association Coordination

State Association Coordination Mission Statement
To increase communications through the state associations in an effort to share ideas, increase participation, solidify existing organizations where requested and if necessary, to offer assistance in starting new state associations.

Trade Show

  • Mike Tissot, Chairman
  • Dennis Adams
  • Bill French
  • Sandi Frye
  • Lyn Leach

Executive Director Search

  • Mark Connelly, Chairman
  • Ed Winn
  • Larry Carrico
  • David Kraemer
  • Chas Smithgall

Vendor Advisory

Vendor Advisory Mission Statement
The Vendor Advisory Committee will act as advisory committee to the APRO president and Board of Directors on matters that affect the annual convention & trade show.
  • David P. David, APRO Board Liaison
  • Bill French, Vice-Chairman
  • Al Benson
  • John Blair
  • Larry Furiani
  • Mike Gerwe Jr.
  • Rita Haney
  • Michael Helton
  • Gary Jones
  • David Kaye
  • Kelly Mcclellan
  • Jan Miller
  • Marty Smith