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APRO Committees

The APRO Board of Directors serve as leaders of the association committees to tackle industry issues. Below is a list of current committees and the participating APRO committee members.

Finance & Budget

  • Trent Agin, Chair
  • Michael Bennett
  • Gopal Reddy
  • Jonathan Rose

Government Relations

Government Relations Committee Mission Statement
To create a safe legal and legislative harbor for the rent-to-own industry in the 50 state legislatures and in the U. S. Congress.
  • Bryan Pechersky, Chair
  • Christine Hesse
  • Daniel Fisher
  • Rachel George
  • Ed Winn
  • Michael Bennett
  • Lawrence Carrico


Membership Committee Mission Statement
To increase and maintain membership at the highest possible levels, and to set the standard of service for our membership.
  • Jonathan  Rose, Chair


  • Adam Sutton, Chair

State Association Coordination

State Association Coordination Committee Mission Statement
To increase communications through the state associations in order to share ideas, increase participation, solidify existing organizations where requested and, if necessary, provide assistance in starting new state associations.
  • Dennis Adams
  • Michael Helton
  • Philip Bumbry
  • Mark Connelly

Vendor Advisory

Vendor Advisory Committee Mission Statement
To act as an advisory committee to the APRO President and Board of Directors on matters affecting the annual national conference & trade show.
  • Michael Bennett, Chair
  • Bill French, Vice-Chair
  • Michael Helton, Board Representative

More info about the VAC

Political Action

  • Bryan Pechersky, Chair
  • Christine Hesse
  • Ed Winn, III

RTO World

  • Mike Tissot (TRIB)
  • Dan Fisher (TRIB)
  • Michael Bennett (APRO)

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