Schedule a Congressional Meeting

The objective of congressional meetings is to introduce yourself and your rent-to-own business to your legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. You will tell them all about how your business works, the customers you serve, and the value your company provides to your community and the local economy. You can also establish yourself as the constituent to contact should any RTO-related issues or legislation come up.

We recommend scheduling congressional meetings through APRO. Members of Congress are there to serve their constituents, but navigating  Capitol protocol can be intimidating. Letting APRO help guide you through the process is a big member benefit, and it helps us coordinate our messaging to ensure our voice as an industry is as consistent and strong as possible.

To schedule a congressional meeting, please contact APRO at or call 800-204-2776, ext. 111; or just complete and submit the following form, and we’ll contact you!


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