Congressional Meeting Scheduling Instructions

If you have never met with or contacted an elected official you may be intimidated by the process and politics of the U.S. Congress. Members of Congress are there to serve their constituents and want to hear your interests and concerns—but navigating through congressional protocol can be a daunting task and as a trade association, we want to ensure the message we are voicing is indicative of the best interests of the industry as well.

Scheduling congressional meetings through APRO is not required but recommended. One of the benefits of being an APRO member is that we can assist you in this entire process—by scheduling meetings and strategizing our message together we can ensure our membership’s voice is heard in the most effective manner possible.

The objective of congressional meetings is to introduce yourself and your rent-to-own business to your legislators in the House of Representatives and Senate—brief them on how your business works, the customers you serve and the value your business provides to your community and the local economy. If any issues or legislation regarding rent-to-own develop, you can let them know that you are the constituent to contact.

To schedule a meeting with your members of Congress and/or their staff please contact APRO Director of Government Relations Apu Naik at or call 800-204-2776, ext. 111; or you may simply submit the following information below and we will contact you shortly thereafter.