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The RTO Show Podcast – Listen Here!

The RTO Show Podcast focuses on the Rent to Own industry, it’s current events, and it’s new culture.

Let’s face it, with all of the competition out there between rental companies it’s sometimes hard to hear about what’s really going on in the RTO world. Of course you can read the magazines but that’s so 2010. We want to focus on the business as a whole and give everyone the best of what to expect from all companies alike trying to do the same thing, survive.

So this podcast is here to help with the sharing of ideas, helping people get a better understanding of how Rent to Own works, and occationally making you laugh. Also giving a little insight on the hottest products and the best vendors to keep the shelves stocked with what people really want. Give The RTO Show a listen as every episode will be completely different and uniquely entertaining!

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