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RTOHQ: The Magazine - A Leader

As the leader in rent-to-own magazines, the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations has revamped the look of RTOHQ: The Magazine. Published bimonthly, the magazine provides news, industry trends, profiles of RTO dealers across the nation and more. Among the glossy pages you will also find the RTO Calendar that details upcoming meetings, shows and conventions around the country. RTOHQ: The Magazine is leading the way in rent-to-own publications.

RTOHQ: The Magazine - Reports on Current Events

This popular rent-to-own magazine also prints articles that pertain to current events. One of the most important events follows the happenings in Washington, D.C. concerning the rent-to-own industry. Additionally, many state Supreme Court decisions have been made over the last several years. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has never heard a rent-to-own case, the possibility is always there. If a rent-to-own case does make it to their courtroom, RTOHQ: The Magazine will be the first to report the details to readers.

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RTOHQ: The Magazine, APRO’s award-winning flagship publication, features a wide variety of in-depth topics of interest to rent-to-own professionals. Each issue includes articles to help members improve their business while keeping readers informed about the latest trends and new ideas taking hold within the RTO industry. “Building Better Business,” an ongoing series, focuses on innovative business practices that RTO professionals are employing to enhance their customers’ experiences and help the industry stay on the cutting edge. “Now and Then,” another ongoing series in the magazine, profiles two professionals associated with rent-to-own: one, a current rental dealer (“Now”) who might not be all that familiar to the association membership at large, and the second a former rental dealer (“Then”) with an update on what he or she is currently pursuing. And every issue includes a feature by the association’s general counsel, Ed Winn III, who provides in-depth coverage of legal and legislative topics that APRO members need to know. Click on the link below to access the digital version of RTOHQ: The Magazine–and let the innovation and creativity in rent-to-own businesses flourish!
2016: The Year in Review

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May-June 2016

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