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One Wrong Click

RTO IT experts & cyberagents say it’s everyone’s job to fight cybercrime – because opening up your company’s virtual doors to cybercrooks is as easy as point and CLICK

COVID-19 has changed our world in ways none of us expected – many of them for the worse, but some with silver linings. For example, working from home has become de rigueur, thanks to the pandemic and its pal, the internet. The upsides of the compulsory WFH lifestyle include no traffic and all sweatpants; the downsides include cabin fever and Zoom fatigue … as well as some perhaps less-apparent risk.

“The ‘new normal has forced many organizations to move toward a remote working environment,” explained Mark Kirby, a Cybersecurity Advisor for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), during an October АPRO webinar. “We’ve all added new technology to accommodate that. And we’re continually adding ‘smart’ devices and apps to our technology repertoire, even as the amount of information and data we store electronically continues to grow. The more we add to our lives digitally and the more we depend upon it to function, the more vulnerable we are to cybercrime.”

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