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Rent One Treats Youth Program to a Day at the Ballpark

Rent One’s Mark Williams (left) joins members of the Southtown Apostolic Church’s youth programs for Rent One’s Day at the Ballpark. Southtown’s reverend, James L. Gordon, is pictured in the purple shirt.
On August 8, Rent One and the Southern Illinois Miners baseball team hosted a day at Rent One Park to benefit youth programs in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The programs are part of the Southtown Apostolic Church’s Family Center, founded by Reverend James L. Gordon, and provide summer activities for young people ages eight to 18. Several members of the youth programs, along with some of the program’s volunteers, were treated to a baseball game, hot dogs and drinks, as well as access to the park’s Kids Zone and miniature golf course. Rent One CEO Larry Carrico and his team have been involved with the center for more than 20 years, volunteering, fundraising and increasing community awareness of its programs and good deeds. “It’s great to see our youth enjoy a day at Rent One Park,” Carrico says. “Reverend Gordon has been leading our youth in Mt. Vernon for more than 30 years and Rent One is proud to be a long-standing partner in the Southtown Youth programs.”

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