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APRO Advocacy Month Finishes Strong

April is APRO Advocacy Awareness Month

As we reach the culmination of APRO Advocacy Awareness Month, we are proud to showcase two pivotal pillars that have fortified our advocacy efforts: the Annual Legislative Conference and the development of our Resource Network. These initiatives epitomize our commitment to protecting and advancing the rent-to-own industry’s interests, both nationally and locally.

APRO’s Annual Legislative Conference

APRO’s annual Legislative Conference stands as the cornerstone of our advocacy endeavors, providing a platform to amplify the voice of our industry on the national stage. Held in Washington, DC, this conference is a crucial opportunity for industry leaders to build and strengthen relationships with policymakers and lawmakers.

It’s a time to share the compelling story of RTO, advocate for our industry’s integrity, and collaborate on impactful strategies to address legislative challenges effectively.

The camaraderie among attendees fosters a sense of unity and purpose, further solidifying our collective mission to protect and promote the RTO industry.

Resource Network

In parallel, APRO continues to bolster our Resource Network, a nationwide alliance of legislative contacts and industry champions. This network extends from local grassroots levels to the halls of Congress, ensuring comprehensive advocacy coverage across all levels of government.

What sets our network apart is our emphasis on cultivating strong relationships without immediate requests for support. This approach builds trust, fosters collaboration, and positions us to mobilize swiftly when facing specific legislative issues. The collective expertise and influence of our network enable us to address industry challenges effectively, safeguarding the interests of RTO businesses and consumers alike.

As we enter the final week of APRO Advocacy Month, we recognize the strength and resilience of our industry and community. Your active participation and support have been pivotal in driving change and shaping policies that benefit the rent-to-own sector. Together, we finish strong, empowered by our shared dedication to advocacy excellence and the continued success of the rent-to-own industry.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and let’s continue advocating for the future of our RTO community!

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