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APRO Advocacy Month in Full Swing

April is APRO Advocacy Awareness Month

Welcome to week three of APRO Advocacy Awareness Month! As we delve deeper into our advocacy initiatives, we shine a spotlight on two essential pillars: State Rental Dealer Association (RDA) Coordination and Storytelling. These initiatives are integral to our advocacy strategy, amplifying our voice and showcasing the positive impact of the rent-to-own industry.

State RDA Coordination

Our coordination efforts with State Rental Dealer Associations are crucial in fostering strong relationships with legislators at the state level. These associations play a pivotal role in influencing RTO statutes and monitoring legislative proposals that directly affect our industry.

By collaborating with State RDAs, we ensure that our advocacy efforts are well-coordinated, impactful, and responsive to state-level legislative developments. APRO actively supports State RDAs by fostering communication, and providing services such as bookkeeping, state president meetups, legal advice, and assistance with planning and promoting state association meetings – just to name a few. APRO even offers assistance in starting new associations when needed!


Storytelling is a powerful tool in advocacy, allowing us to share the compelling narratives of our industry and members. As the official voice of rent-to-own, we highlight the positive contributions of RTO in local communities and the broader economy. Members showcase their latest triumphs, community projects, company milestones, and innovative developments, demonstrating the tangible benefits of RTO to legislators and policymakers.

APRO shares these stories on our website; in our weekly e-newsletter, APRO Today; and in our award-winning magazine. In addition, these stories are shared with key legislators during our annual Legislative Conference. This strategic approach ensures that our stories reach a diverse audience, amplifying the impact of our advocacy efforts and showcasing the value of the RTO industry.

Your engagement and support are instrumental in our advocacy journey. By being a member of APRO, you contribute to shaping policies that protect and advance the interests of the RTO industry. Together, we amplify our voice, build strategic alliances, and advocate for a vibrant and resilient RTO community.

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