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Countryside Rentals, dba Rent-2-Own, has pledged to donate more than 200 mattresses to children who currently don’t have beds. The Wilmington Rent-2-Own store will partner with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), a non-profit organization that builds and delivers beds to children who don’t have a comfortable place to sleep. Hundreds of children will benefit from this generous donation from the Rent-2-Own store and Countryside Rentals over the next year.

“This donation helps fill a void that we were facing as a local Sleep in Heavenly Peace Chapter,” said Carrie Zeigler of SHP. “We were struggling to acquire new mattresses at a reasonable price. We will now be able to build more beds this year by stretching out the money we have been given by other donors. The Rent-2-Own donation is truly a huge blessing.”

This isn’t the first time that Rent-2-Own has provided support for SHP. Last year, it held a business-to-business promotion to raise money for the organization through a raffle, with all proceeds going to SHP. Rent-2-Own manager Andy Holmes says that was a big success. He adds, “We realized this was a great fit for our business to give back to the community.  I met with the local representative from Sleep in Heavenly Peace and we formed a plan to meet their monthly needs for mattresses.  Our owner, Mike Tissot, agreed to supply all their mattress needs for the year.  This has helped get dozens of kids off the floor into a nice warm comfortable bed.  I can’t think of a better way to give back.  What a great opportunity it has been for our business.”

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is an international non-profit organization with chapters throughout the US and Canada. For more information on SHP, click here:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace of Clinton County, Ohio, will begin providing these mattresses during their upcoming Bunk Bed Build Days on August 7, September 12 and 16, and October 10. 

Congratulations and kudos to Countryside Rentals and Rent-2-Own for their generosity and for making a real difference in the lives of so many kids.

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