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RTO Provides a Furnished Home for Single Mother

On June 30, 2020, Pleasantville, Iowa widow and single mother Cheyenne Downing received the surprise of her life when she was presented with a fully-furnished home for her and her four children. Warrick Dunn Charities and Habitat for Humanity of Marion County provided the newly built home, while Aaron’s Inc. and Arona Corp. dba Aaron’s Sales and Lease Ownership provided the furnishings, appliances, and electronics.

Warrick Dunn Charities was established by former NFL player Warrick Dunn to help provide single mothers with homes for their families. Warrick Dunn Charities often partners with Habitat for Humanity and Aaron’s and has provided 178 homes over the last 23 years.

General Store Manager, Jake Barthdell spoke at the presentation of the home to the Downing family, “Aaron’s is thrilled to share this big moment and to be a part of these big surprises for Cheyenne and her family.”

Mark Connelly, Executive Vice President for Arona Corp., agreed, “We are very happy to join with Warrick Dunn Charities and Habitat for Humanity in celebrating the 178th home in the Home for the Holidays initiative. Aaron’s and Arona Corp. could not be prouder of our partnership with Warrick Dunn Charities, whose philanthropy throughout the United States has brought hope and healing to many communities.”

Downing and her four children were chosen to receive the home and furnishings after losing her partner, David, to a construction accident in 2017. She and her children Adalynn, Allison, Brock, and David Jr. are so grateful to everyone at Warrick Dunn Charities, Habitat for Humanity, Aaron’s and Arona Corp. for this life-changing gift.

Click here to watch the video of the Downing family receive their house.

Click here to see more pictures provided by Arona Corp.

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