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Hall of Honor

Recognizing Rent-to-Own’s Finest

The APRO Awards are presented annually to select members and state associations that continually lift the level of excellence for the rent-to-own industry as a whole. Award recipients are celebrated at APRO’s annual awards celebration, held during the association’s national conference and trade show.

2022 Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement Award: Chris Kale Sr., CPL Group Inc., dba Rent King

Chris loves to work. He worked from a young age, mowing grass, shoveling snow, bicycling a 4 a.m. paper route, and selling mangoes from his family’s backyard door-to-door to his neighbors. And since he began his rent-to-own journey almost 40 years ago, our industry has benefitted greatly from this deep-seated work ethic.

His career started in his hometown of Tampa, Florida, when he responded to a newspaper ad for an account manager at Buddy Bi-Rite, now Buddy’s Home Furnishings. Over the next 13 years, he learned the business from the best – including Buddy’s founder Norman “Slats” Slatton – working his way up in the company to Director of Operations.

By 1996, Chris’ entrepreneurial instincts were kicking in, and he seized an opportunity to launch his own rent-to-own company with a pair of partners. CPL Group Inc., dba Rent King was crowned, opening its first store in central Florida’s Lake Wales more than a quarter-century ago; today, the business continues its regional reign at 19 locations strong.

In 2010, Chris’ eldest son – who was a recent University of Florida finance graduate – surprised his dad by suggesting a new familial partnership. The duo launched Happy’s Home Centers, bringing his younger brother and, a few years later, his second son into the family-business fold as well. The next year, he and his original partners created a new brand and launched yet another RTO company, Great Rooms, as a way to share equity with their best employees.

Today, there are 10 Great Rooms locations and 13 Happy’s locations, all going strong – as well as spinoff businesses: Dwell Staging, for residential home sales, Dwell Villa, for turnkey décor, and Dwell Home Market, a 26,000-sq-ft retail furniture and design store complete with its own bar.

In addition to co-owning and operating multiple rent-to-own companies, Chris has attended all but a handful of APRO conventions, over a dozen APRO Legislative Conferences, and state Legislative Conferences held by the Florida Rental Dealers Association, where he also served as President for five years. He has served on the APRO Board of Directors for the past six years, and is currently our Immediate Past President. During his service, he helped guide the association through the COVID crisis and helped revive the RTO Industry Health Survey.

2022 President’s Award of Excellence: Dan Fisher, Majik Enterprises International Inc., dba Majik Rent-To-Own

Dan grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was 15 when his parents bought a small video-rental store. At the time, video players were very expensive to buy and very inconvenient – and pricey – to rent, so his dad came up with his own RTO plan: He created a $10/week VCR leasing program that let customers keep a VCR at their house all week long for half the cost of a weekend rental – and every weekly payment reduced the purchase price of the VCR should they want to buy it.

He worked at the store through high school, then went to Franklin & Marshall College to earn his business administration degree. He returned to the family business about the same time his father was expanding its rental offerings to TVs, stereos, appliances, and furniture.

Ta-da! Majik Rent-To-Own was up and running.

Today, he is the Owner and President of 38-year-old Majik Enterprises International Inc., dba Majik Rent-To-Own. Together with his lovely wife, he has grown the company to 13 store locations across central Pennsylvania. He has definitely inherited his dad’s approach to the business – building it upon a foundation of helping people, and fueling it with a continuous stream of innovative brainstorming and problem-solving.

He has served 12 years on the Pennsylvania Association of Rental Dealers and 4 years on the APRO board. This year, Dan was reelected to join the APRO Board of Directors for another two years.

He believes corporate, independent, and franchisee companies are essential for the continued relevance and success of the rent-to-own industry. He feels deeply appreciative of all the assistance and advice he’s received from RTO colleagues through APRO and other trade groups. He gives back to the RTO industry by sharing his winning ideas as a popular presenter at events.

Five years ago, Dan was presented with the APRO Heritage Award for being a strong, consistent, and perhaps under-acknowledged source of support for his rent-to-own colleagues, APRO, and RTO overall. Today, we hope this award lets him know how grateful we are for his continued contributions to and leadership in our industry.

2022 Chuck Sims Rental Dealer of the Year: Adam Sutton, RNR Tire Express

Adam was raised on rent-to-own, learning the business at the knee of his father, who learned it from his uncle, Buddy’s Home Furnishings founder Norman “Slats” Slatton. His dad founded, grew, ran, and sold Tampa-based Champion Rent-to-Own before a brief retirement that came to a close with the 2000 launch of Rent-n-Roll Custom Wheels and Tires, which today is known as RNR Tire Express.

As the tires and wheels business was beginning, Adam’s career in graphic design, printing, advertising, and video production was also starting up, so he came aboard as RNR’s first Marketing Director, creating its original branding, print, and video marketing elements.

In 2004, he married his high-school sweetheart, and together, the couple launched Red Letter Studios, which eventually became a national award-winning advertising agency serving hundreds of clients and top brands. Eight years later – as he and his wife were beginning to grow family – this person partnered RLS with Thuzi, an international digital ad firm, and became its Chief Experience Officer. He helped develop the company’s Digital and Live division, as well as a live-event technology platform that became the industry standard.

He had evolved into an award-winning multi-media guru who launched, partnered, and eventually sold his own ad agency, having worked with clients as monolithic as Disney, Microsoft, and Oprah. He also produced a passion project: an international documentary titled “The Magic History of Cinema,” which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

By 2017, RNR was growing at a breakneck pace, its founder was searching for someone to help him take the company to the next level, and Adam was looking for his next big gig. He proved you can go home again – and, according to him, realized a childhood dream – by joining his dad at RNR as Executive Vice President, bringing in some executive-level talent, along with a fresh perspective, straight-up accountability, and tightened-up operations.

Today, he still works side-by-side with his father as RNR President, and the family business has grown to more than 150 locations in 26 states, with no sign of slowing down. He has served on the APRO Board of Directors for the past four years, acting as a beacon for up-and-coming industry leaders.

2022 Heritage Award: Dennis Adams, Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc., dba American Rental

Dennis began his RTO career 44 years ago in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, when he worked straight out of high school fixing TVs in a local appliance store. Within a few years, the store was sold to Jim Hammond, who – along with his brother-in-law David P. David and Dennis – decided to give the rental business a try.

By 1981, that department had grown to become Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc., dba American Rental. Today, the business has 55 locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Dennis has served as District Manager for more than three decades.

Colleagues characterize him as fiercely loyal, brutally honest, extremely hardworking, and passionately enthusiastic. He is at his best taking care of customers, fulfilling their needs, and ensuring they get what they want when they want it.

Dennis is an engaged industry leader as well, serving on the APRO Board of Directors for the past 13 years. He has also been involved in the Rental-Purchase Dealers Association of Indiana for almost a quarter-century, serving as its President for the past dozen years. Additionally, he has played an instrumental role in American Rental’s charitable contributions, helping raise thousands each year for the Riley Children’s Foundation, a summer camp for children with physical disabilities, and Kosair Charities, which helps children in need.

He attributes his rent-to-own success and remarkable stamina to his deep caring for his business and its people – employees and customers alike – as well as an intrinsic work ethic and positive attitude. He also claims an insatiable appetite for success; he’s always striving for more and to do better.

2022 Norm Smith Vendor of the Year: Jeanette Beardsley, Relation Insurance Services

Jeanette has spent the past 44 years in the insurance industry, specializing in property, casualty, and workers’ compensation programs for rent-to-own businesses nationwide, as well as for trucking and agricultural firms and nonprofits.

For 31 of those years, she has worked for California-based Relation Insurance Services –formerly Ascension Insurance and Walter L. Clark & Associates Inc. Working together with former APRO President and RTO Rents founder Barry Gambini, Jeanette created an insurance program custom-tailored for rent-to-own companies. That unique offering helped her to become a Preferred Vendor for Premier Rental-Purchase franchisees, and an Endorsed Insurance Agent for APRO and its members. Today, she continues to meets the specialized insurance needs of many rent-to-own companies across the country as a platinum insurance program designer and account executive for Relation.

Jeanette has been certified by the Insurance Institute of America as an Associate in Insurance Services, and is a Certified Insurance Professionals Woman. She also studied psychology at the University of Maryland Global Campus – so she not only knows her business, but understands her customers. Additionally, she presents nationally on cyber exposure, and is RTO’s go-to expert on cyber liability and employment-practice liability.

2022 Emerging Leader Award: Jessica Mahon, Countryside Rentals Inc., dba Rent-2-Own

Jessica came to rent-to-own six years ago from her prior position as an Assistant Branch Manager for a bank. She is now the Marketing Communications Manager for Countryside Rentals Inc., dba Rent-2-Own, which today has almost 40 locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky.

Her higher education – a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an associate’s degree in accounting and business management – has equipped her well for understanding RTO customers and the best ways to connect with them. Add to that her natural enthusiasm for meeting new people and learning new things, and you’ve got a gung-ho marketing maven.

This person has developed a digital marketing expertise, including certifications from both Google and Facebook, and she has become a popular presenter on digital strategies, executions, and new ideas, at rent-to-own events including RTO World. She feels she has found her professional home in rent-to-own, and loves this business.

2022 RTO Tiger Award: Sandi Frye, White Rose Enterprises, dba Premier Rental-Purchase

Sandi began her professional career as a teacher; today, she guides RTO colleagues toward industry participation and support, leading by example. She was working as a substitute grade-school teacher when she accepted a simple part-time secretarial position with Rainbow Rentals 30 years ago. Loving the family-friendly culture at Rainbow, she went full-time, and eventually became manager of the company’s Altoona, Pennsylvania store.

But when Rainbow was acquired, she opted to go out on her own. With the help of a Rainbow colleague, she opened up a Premier Rental-Purchase franchise in Altoona in 2005. Within two years, they got married, blending their five children from previous marriages into a single family with a successful store. All five kids have put in their time working at the store; today, her daughter serves as store manager.

Sandi really came into her own as an industry leader the following year, when the president of the Pennsylvania rental dealers association announced his departure from rent-to-own and the organization. The state association had been dormant for about a decade, and without even a figurehead, seemed destined for dissolution. So Sandi stepped up and led a group of dealers to create the revitalized Pennsylvania Association of Rental Dealers.

She served as the association’s president for more than a dozen years. Under her leadership, PARD received APRO’s Most Improved State Association Award, a State Association Emerging Excellence Award twice, an APRO State Association Continued Excellence Award four times, and the APRO State Legislative Achievement Award. Additionally, PARD was named APRO’s State Association of the Year.

In 2011, she extended her leadership nationally to the APRO Board of Directors, serving for eight years, including a period as Chair of the APRO State Association Coordination Committee.

Once again, Sandi is helping lead the state association, elected as the group’s new Vice President at a meeting held just a few months ago. Also this spring, she was named Franchisee of the Year by Premier Rental-Purchase – a well-earned accolade for her decades of success with her company.

2022 Steve Kruse Award: Tracy Cintron, RNR Tire Express

Tracy loves franchisees. She has spent the past four years as Franchise Director for Tampa-based RNR Tire Express, and spent the prior seven years as Director of Corporate Support and Franchise Coordinator at Bi-Rite Company Inc. She loves assisting franchises with every facet of their rent-to-own business, whether they’re opening up their first store, struggling with their paperwork, or training their personnel, she is always happy to help.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in political science at the University of South Florida, and her MBA at Nova Southeastern University. She began her career working for a U.S. Congressional Representative, ultimately serving as Office Manager and Statewide Volunteer Coordinator.

Following a few years working as a General Manager for a Tampa restaurant, Tracy discovered RTO and the wonderful world of franchises, and today, serves as a centerpiece for franchisee integration, growth, and continuing success. Colleagues note her incredible work ethic, trustworthiness, ownership mentality, and dependability as just a handful of the qualities that make her fantastic at her work.

In addition to her franchise fans, she is also revered among furry friends – since 2019, she has served as the President of Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Services, and she also acts as Vice President, Volunteer, and Foster Home for Second Chance Friends Rescue.

APRO’s Hall of Honor

Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement Award

2022 Chris Kale Sr.
2020 Mark Windsor and Dan Cole
2019 David P. David
2018 Jim Brown
2016 Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2016 Tiger John Cleek
2016 Ron DeMoss
2015 Larry Carrico
2014 Bill Keese
2013 Ernie Lewallen
2012 Ken Butler
2011 Mark Speese
2010 Kevin Quinn
2009 Gary McDougal
2008 Charlie Loudermilk
2007 Dave Egan
2006 Larry Sutton
2005 Lyle Jones
2004 Darrell Tissot
2003 Ernie Talley
2002 Wayland J. Russell
2001 Barry Gambini
2000 Chuck Sims
1999 Norman Slatton Sr.
1999 Chris Korst
1998 Bill White
1996 Ed Winn III
1995 Wayne Chambers
1995 Bud Holladay

President’s Award of Excellence

2022 Dan Fisher
2021 Robbie Kamerschen
2020Trent Agin
2019Gopal Reddy
2018 Mark Connelly
2017 Chris Kale, Sr.
2016 Sandi Frye
2016 David Harrison
2015 Lyn Leach
2014 Dwight Dumler
2013 Shannon Strunk
2012 APRO Staff
2011 Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2010 Richard May
2009 David P. David
2008 Mike Tissot
2007 Gary McDougal
2006 Terry Beville
2005 Kevin Quinn
2004 Jim Brown
2003 Ron Waters
2002 Larry Carrico
2001 Bill Keese
2000 Darrell Tissot
1999 Richard Bartel
1998 Ernie Talley
1997 Tracey Morgan
1996 Ernie Lewallen
1995 Ronald D. DeMoss
1994 Larry Sutton
1993 Ted Wilson
1992 Bud Holladay
1991 Chris Korst
1990 Ken Gay
1989 Wayne Chambers
1988 Bill Morgenstern
1987 Dave Egan
1986 Tom Devlin
1986 Rozanne Flatt
1985 Ed Winn III
1984 Barry Gambini
1983 Bud Holladay
1982 Charles D. Sims

Chuck Sims Rental Dealer of the Year

2022 Adam Sutton
2021 Chad Fosdick
2020 Michael Bennett
2019 Mike Tissot
2018 Jeff Lebakken
2017Gary Ferriman
2016 Casey Pristou
2015 John Cleek Jr.
2014 Daniel L. Cole
2013 Mark and Kathy Windsor
2012 Roy Soto
2011 Richard Rose
2010 Jamie Slatton
2009 Dave Edwards
2008 Chris Bolin
2007 John Darden
2006 John Spangle
2005 Robert Briley
2004 Martin Auble
2003 Shannon Strunk and Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2002 Gary Hughes
2001 James Byrd
2001 Lyn Leach
2000 David P. David
1999 Tom Neyhart
1998 Larry Carrico
1997 Dan Weiss
1996 “Tiger” John Cleek
1995 James Strong
1994 Gary McDougal
1993 Mamie Harper
1992 Kevin Quinn
1991 Bob Simons
1990 Allen Lewis
1989 Roger Sharp

Heritage Award

2022 Dennis Adams
2021 Bill Howard
2020 Geron Vail
2019 Jonathan Rose
2017 Dan Fisher
2016 Susan Matthews
2015 Sharon Tomaszewski
2014 Trooper Earle
2013 David Kraemer
2012 Bill Wendell
2011 Sidney Burton
2010 Charles Smithgall
2009 Larry and Brenda Tinney
2008 Jeff Lebakken
2007 David P. David and Steve Kruse
2006 Chuck Kuluva and Jeff Loeb
2005 Dan Cole and Richard Eichlin

Norm Smith Vendor of the Year

2022 Jeanette Beardsley, Relation Insurance Services
2021 Michael Helton, Gordimer & Company P.A.
2020 Paula Allison, GE Appliances
2019 George & Angie Ramel, Progressive Furniture
2018 Brad Denison, Benefit Marketing Solutions
2017 Marty Smith, RES Accessories
2016 Rita Haney, Protect-A-Bed
2015 Al Benson, Central File Marketing
2014 Gary Jones, Ashley Furniture
2013 Larry Furiani, Coaster Co. of America
2012 James MacAlpine, RentDirect Nationwide
2011 Sherry Workman, Workman & Co.
2010 Bryan Collins, Bryce Co.
2009 John Blair, PTS Financial and Benefit Services
2008 Susan Matthews, Benefit Marketing Solutions
2007 Bill French, O’Rourke Sales Co.
2006 Ellison Crider, RSSS
2005 Wayne Harris, Sandberg Furniture
2004 Ron Wanek, Ashley Furniture
2003 John Foster, Alliance Computing Technologies
2002 John Rogers, High Touch
2001 Dennis Shields, TRIB Group
2000 Bob Saunders, Saunders Marketing
1999 Brad Wire, Whirlpool
1998 Les Feldser, RSSS
1997 Joe Savovic, Progressive Furniture
1996 Al Zagorniak, Sears
1995 Steve Owens, Foresight
1995 Danny Wright, Foresight
1994 Bonnie Nitzsche, Bonnie the Flyer Specialist
1994 Tim Shannon, Thomson
1993 Tom Kitchens, Whirlpool
1992 Lyle Jones, High Touch
1991 Norm Smith, Zenith

Emerging Leader Award

2022 Jessica Mahon
2021 Allison Manley
2020 Paul Metivier
2019 Philip Bumbry
2018 Terah Vail Munstermann

RTO Tiger Award

2022 Sandi Frye
2021 Paul Davis
2021 “Tiger” John Cleek

President's Circle Award

2022 Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Tennessee
2020 Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania
2019 Florida, Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Steve Kruse Award of Honor

2022 Tracy Cintron
2021 Frank Rotert
2020 Chip Guy
2019 Dan Singh
2016 David Keen
2015 Terry Beville
2014 Steve Kruse

State Association of the Year

2022 Arkansas
2020 Florida
2019 Missouri
2018 Missouri
2017 Illinois
2016 Missouri
2015 Florida and Illinois
2014 Illinois
2013 Ohio
2012 Kansas and Pennsylvania
2011 Texas
2010 Missouri
2009 Illinois
2008 New York
2007 Missouri
2006 Florida
2005 Missouri
2004 Arkansas
2003 Ohio
2002 Indiana
2001 Florida
2000 Texas
1999 Louisiana
1998 Illinois and Missouri
1997 New Jersey and Ohio
1996 Ohio
1995 Arkansas
1994 Missouri
1993 Florida
1992 Texas
1991 Indiana

State Association Legislative Achievement

2020 Indiana
2019 Arkansas
2018 Illinois
2017 Missouri
2016 Florida
2015 California and Pennsylvania
2014 Texas
2013 Illinois
2012 Maryland
2011 Illinois
2010 Pennsylvania
2009 New York
2008 Iowa and Indiana
2007 Texas
2006 California
2005 Arkansas and California
2004 Florida
2003 Texas
2002 Wisconsin
2001 Nebraska
2000 Kentucky

Most-Improved State Association

2015 Tennessee
2014 New York
2013 Arkansas
2012 Louisiana
2011 Kansas
2010 Texas
2009 Pennsylvania
2008 Illinois
2007 New York
2006 Tennessee
2005 Ohio
2004 Missouri
2003 Arkansas
2002 California
2001 Colorado
2000 New York
1999 Florida
1998 Vermont
1997 Wisconsin
1996 New Jersey
1995 Massachusetts
1994 New York
1993 Michigan
1992 Ohio
1991 Alabama

State Association Emerging Excellence

2019 Georgia
2018 Arkansas
2016 Kentucky, Northwest Rental Dealers
2015 Maine
2011 Delaware-New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri,
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin
2010 Northeast RDA (representing Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island),
Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Delaware-New Jersey, New York,
Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma
2009 Northeast RDA, Southwest RDA, Georgia and Delaware-New Jersey
2008 Kentucky and Minnesota
2007 Louisiana, Northwest (formerly Idaho, Oregon and Washington),
Pennsylvania and West Virginia

State Association Innovative Excellence

2015 Kansas and Louisiana
2014 Florida

State Association Continued Excellence

2022 Florida, Georgia, Iowa-Nebraska, Missouri and Wisconsin
2020 Iowa-Nebraska, Kentucky, Northeast Rental Dealers, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin
2019 Illinois, Indiana, Iowa-Nebraska, Kansas, Maryland, New England, New York, Northwest, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin
2018 Florida, Indiana, Iowa-Nebraska, Kansas, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma,  Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin
2017 Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
2016 Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
2015 Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, and Missouri
2014 Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
and Missouri
2013 Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee and Missouri
2012 Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, New York, Florida,
Northeast, Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri
2009 Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio,
Missouri, Florida and Kansas
2008 California, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Northwest Rental Dealers Association,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas
2007 California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee
2006 Alabama/Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Ohio
2005 Alabama/Mississippi, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee
2004 Alabama/Mississippi, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon,
Texas and Wisconsin
2003 California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri
2002 Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Texas
2001 Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Texas
2000 Indiana

APRO Board Presidents

2022-2023 Michael Bennett
2021-2022 David P. David
2019-2021Chris Kale, Sr.
2017-2019Louis Garcia
2016-2017 Mark Connelly
2014-2016 Gary Ferriman
2012-2014 David P. David
2010-2012 Robert Briley
2008-2010 “Tiger” John Cleek
2006-2008 Larry Carrico
2004-2006 Shannon Strunk
2003-2004 Lyn Leach
2002-2003 Gary Romine
1999-2002 Gary McDougal
1998-1999 Ernie Lewallen
1997-1998 Darrell Tissot
1995-1997 Bill White
1993-1995 Kevin Quinn
1991-1993 Wayne Chambers
1989-1991 Ted Wilson
1988-1989 Dick Grauel
1986-1988 Mac Hennigan
1985-1986 Glenn Davis
1985-1985 Bud Holladay
1982-1985 Barry Gambini
1980-1982 Bud Holladay

Rental-Purchase Employee of the Year

2012 Debbie McQueen
2011 Donna Falley
2010 David Lane
2009 David Keen
2008 Bill Tennison
2007 Jonathan Brown
2006 Murray Beck
2005 Paul Russell
2004 Jody Katz
2003 Anthony Robinson
2002 Ronnie D. Williams
2001 Josef Warren
2000 Eric Ison

Rental-Purchase Customer(s) of the Year

2012 Barbara Rodgers
2011 Vivian Saunders
2010 Louise Brown
2009 Sherron and Robert Wilder
2008 Kim Royal
2005 Johnnie Bradford
2004 Patrick and Marianna Head
2003 Donna Brown
2002 Norma Burgenger
2001 James and Brenda Atchison
2000 Maria Magdalena Estrada

APRO Members for 10 Years or More

Thank you for your continuing trust, loyalty, and commitment to our industry!

40-Year-Plus APRO Members

ABC Discount Superstore-Lease Purchase and Sales
Jim Brown
Wichita, KS

Basham Furniture Rental Inc.
Jeff Basham
Wichita, KS

LG Electronics Corp, USA
Clay Miller
Lincolnshire, IL

Whirlpool Corp.
Chris Charron
Benton Harbor, MI

New 40 Year APRO Members

ACE Furniture & TV Inc., dba Ace Rent-To-Own
Lyn Leach
Lincoln, NE

Action TV Rental Inc., dba E-Z Rental
Pam May
Saltillo, MS

Appliance & Furniture RentAll
Marty Auble
Sioux Falls, SD

Buddy’s Newco LLC, dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings
Teresa Hill
Orlando, FL

Woodville Rental Co.
Mark Kohler
Toledo, OH

35-Year-Plus APRO Members

Cleek’s Home Furnishings/Rentals & Sales
John Cleek Sr.
Columbia, MO

Countryside Rentals Inc., Rent-2-Own
Michael Tissot
Bainbridge, OH

Dan’s Rent To Own Inc.
Dan T. Ballard
Tupelo, MS

Dial Rent To Own
Dan R. Singh
Humacao, PR

First State Financial Corp.
Brian J. Luksetich
Des Moines, IA

Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc., dba American Rental
David P. David
Bloomington, IN

Gill’s Inc.
Davis Gill
Albany, GA

High Touch Technologies
Jan Miller
Wichita, KS

Mr. C’s
Dave Conger
Greensboro, GA

RES Accessories
Michael E. Gerwe, Jr.
Tampa, FL

Sam’s Appliance & Furniture
Herb Weisblatt
Haltom City, TX

The Rental Market
Amy Zeller
Defiance, OH

TRIB Group
Dennis Shields
Lawrenceville, GA

New 35-Year APRO Members

Central Rent 2 Own
Kit Knight
Nampa, ID

30-Year-Plus APRO Members

Benefit Marketing Solutions
Susan Matthews
Dallas, TX

Briley Investments Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Robert O. Briley
Abilene, TX

Credit Merchandise of Breaux Bridge Inc.
Judy Bergeron
Breaux Bridge, LA

Keller’s Rental Place Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales Lease Ownership
John Keller
Rolla, MO

Lebakkens Inc. of Wisconsin
Jeffrey Lewis Lebakken
Eau Claire, WI

Liberty Rental
Brandon Moomey
Havre, MT

Rento Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Greg Ressler
Sheridan, WY

Rentown Inc., dba Stew’s Downtown Sight & Sound
Stewart D. Libby
Houlton, ME

Showplace Inc.
Gary Ferriman
Marion, OH

SKC Enterprises Inc., dba Rent One
Larry D. Carrico
Saint Louis, MO

The Intium Corp. dba Castle Funiture
Milton L. McNeely
Amarillo, TX

UHR Rents
Ernie Lewallen
Cincinnati, OH

White & Claassen LLC
Michael S. White
Wichita, KS

New 30-Year APRO Members

GE Appliances, a Haier Company
Paul Eichberger
Louisville, KY

Hughes Rental & Sales dba Credit World Superstore
Kori Hughes
Big Spring, TX

25-Year-Plus APRO Members

Affordable Rent To Own
Dave Pooley
Tucson, AZ

Ashley Furniture Industries
Gary Jones
Hallandale, FL

Bargain Center, Inc.
Dale L. Frederick
Grove, OK

Bestway Rental Inc., dba Bestway Rent-To-Own
Benny Cheek
Richardson, TX

Easy Rent of Wichita Falls Inc.
Keith Sinclair
Wichita Falls, TX

H&H Furniture Inc.
Mark Peterson
Yakima, WA

Jamison’s Sales & Rental Inc.
Jennifer Harrod
Shelbyville, KY

Mike Strong Inc., dba Mike’s TV-Furniture & Appliance
Angela Strong-McCool
Hutchinson, KS

Progressive Furniture Inc.
Kevin Willis
Hendersonville, TN

Relation Insurance Services
Jeanette Beardsley CPIW, AIS
Porterville, CA

Rental City Inc.
Richard Rineberg
Kansas City, KS

Z-Best Rentals Inc.
Jan D. Arnett
Palm Coast, FL

New 25-Year APRO Members

Central File Marketing | An Anstadt Company
Alan Benson
York, PA

Coaster Furniture Company of America
Danielle Deeds
Santa Fe Springs, CA

CPL Group Inc., dba Rent King
Chris Kale Sr.
Tampa, FL

Expert Warehouse
Jeff Davis
Secaucus, NJ

Mustang Enterprises Inc., dba Hometown Rental Purchase
Jess Fisher
Arkansas City, KS

Serta Simmons Bedding
James Moquin
Atlanta, GA

Tower Rental Purchase Inc.
Robert F. Murphy, Sr.
Salem, NJ

20-Year-Plus APRO Members

Aspen Way Enterprises Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Rohnn M. Lampi
Billings, MT

B&B Loan & Rental
Anthony Longin
Great Falls, MT

Best Tire Concepts, LLC dba RNR Tire Express
Terah Vail
Fayetteville, AR

Don’s E-Z Pay Inc.
Rhonda Weatherford
Mena, AR

EAKAR LLC, dba Castle Rental
Kent Beckloff
Rogers, AR

Easy Rental
Jeffery Klopp
Marietta, GA

HomeSource Rentals
Dale Tanner
Savannah, GA

Mainely Rent To Own
Wade Shaefer
Lincoln, ME

National TV Sales & Rental
Aaron Windsor
Lebanon, MO

Nations Rent-To-Own Sales & Leasing
Paul M. Davis
Chandler, AZ

Nicole Rental Purchase LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Waldemar Landmesser
Norwalk, CT

RNR Tire Express (Corporate)
Lary Sutton
Tampa, FL

Sutton Adventures II Inc., dba RNR Tire Express
Steve Sutton
Tampa, FL

The Premier Companies
Trooper Earle
Lightfoot, VA

VersiRent/Ideal Software Systems Inc.
David Goldman
Meridian, MS

New 20-Year APRO Members

All American Rental Inc.
Scott Mitchell
Springfield, MO

Majik Enterprises International Inc., dba Majik Rent-To-Own
Daniel J. Fisher
Mountville, PA

PMB Rentals LLC, dba RTO Rentals
Tim Boyd
Paris, TN

15-Year-Plus APRO Members

Aaron’s, LLC
Rachel George
Atlanta, GA

Arona Corp., dba Arona Home Essentials
Thomas R. Bernau
West Des Moines, IA

Aser Enterprises, dba Bargain Rentals
Michael Reyna
San Antonio, TX

Bolin Rental Purchase
Christopher Bolin
Clarksville, TN

Central Properties, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Mike Lewis
Granger, IN

Climatic Home Products
Doug Allen
Columbia, SC

Colorvision Home Center Inc.
Deke Hilyer
Lanett, AL

D&H Distributing
Erin Fischer
Harrisburg, PA

Del Rio Home & Auto Supply Inc.
Raymond J. Patuel
del Rio, TX

Eagle Rentals Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Steve Leach
Wyoming, MI

Fairway Leasing LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Todd Wilkins
Crescent Springs, KY

FT Got Three LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Steven Walling
Daphne, AL

Growby’s LLC, dba Growby’s RTO
Brian Grow
Mitchell, IN

Gulf Coast L&P Inc., dba RNR Tire Express
Cynthia Baber-Strunk
Moss Point, MS

Hawpond Partners Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Mitch Raines
Ashburn, GA

Heath Investment Group Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Duffy Heath
Raleigh, NC

JACL Inc., dba RNR Tire Express
Daniel Cohen
Pittsburgh, PA

Jaguar Holding LLC, dba Eagle Rental-Purchase
Joseph Fischer
Youngstown, OH

Liberty 4 U Inc., dba Liberty TV & Appliance
Lanny Holmes
Paris, TX

Lowcountry RTO LLC
Michael Bennett
Bluffton, SC

MNT Enterprises Inc., dba PriceWise
Tom Burkhart
Grafton, OH

National Educational Music Co.
Ken Maehl
Mountainside, NJ

Nationwide RentDirect
Keven Dalke
Winston Salem, NC

Natural State Leasing Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John Raines
Ashburn, GA

Okinus Inc.
Gary Allen
Pelham, GA

O’Rourke Sales Company
Bill French
Flower Mound, TX

R&B Dreammakers, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Ruben Flores
Bradenton, FL

Rental Concepts LLC, dba RNR Tire Express
David Harrison
Springdale, AR

Rich and Dave Rentals, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rich Bagoly
Reading, PA

Rims USA LLC, dba RNR Tire Express
A.J. Raffo
Spartanburg, SC

Rowland’s TV & Appliance
Wayne Rowland
Knoxville, TN

Sleek’s Rent To Own
Tim Montel
Fort Morgan, CO

Shop Yes! Now, Inc. dba Yes! Easy To Own
Stephen Pearson
El Cajon, CA

Smith Group, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Spencer Smith
Cortez, CO

SR Kinnear Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Scott Kinnear
Dayton, OH

Syracuse Rental Systems Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rick Vadnais
Syracuse, NY

Triad Leasing LLC
Shaun Rush
Lawrence, KS

TWT Leasing Inc., dba ColorTyme
Jeffrey Tepper
Halifax, VA

U Can Rent Inc. dba Family Home Furniture
Robert Fales
Millbrook, AL

Ultima Gemini Group Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Trinidad Rubio
San Antonio, TX

United Household Rentals dba RNR Tire Express
Ernie Lewallen
Cincinnati, OH

White Properties, Inc.Whiteco Commercial Funding LP
David Belt
Mesquite, TX

White Rose Enterprises, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Sandi Frye
Altoona, PA

Whitsell and Company PC
Daniel G. Whitsell
Arlington, TX

WRE, LLC dba Discount Furniture Center
Ernie Thompson
South Hill, VA

New 15-Year APRO Members

Action Development Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Gopal Reddy
Springfield, IL

Arthus Enterprises Inc., dba Aaron’s
A.J. Arthus
Lubbock, TX

Candie-Johns Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
John Sprayberry
Dixon, IL

DW3 LLC/Haytess LLC, dba Aaron’s
Nathan W. Tooker
Louisville, KY

Gulf Breeze Investments, dba RNR Tire Express
Shannon Strunk
Moss Point, MS

Heck & Lambert Inc., dba Great Rentals
Greg Heck
Utica, NY

Hogan Nichter LLC, dba ColorTyme Rent To Own
Scott Hogan
Gallatin, TN

JC George SMH Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
John George
Elma, NY

JR Squared Enterprises Inc., dba Full House Sales & Lease
John Reichenbach
Westbrook, ME

Lifestyle Rentals LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
David Bauer
Harrisburg, PA

PROG Holdings, Inc.
Marvin Fentress
Draper, UT

RNR Kentucky, LLC dba RNR Tire Express
Bill Howard
Bloomington, IN

RNR of Missouri LLC, dba RNR Tire Express
Richard Bergman
Saint Louis, MO

Sieverding Group, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rick Sieverding
Bellevue, IA

Suanne LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John Whittle
Louisville, KY

10-Year Plus APRO Members

Circle City Rentals, dba Aaron’s
Jeff Furlin
Fishers, IN

CMH Leasing Partners LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Robert Clark
Atlanta, GA

D.H. Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Coe Ecker
Snellville, GA

DNH Enterprises LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
David Holland
Midland, TX

David Holland
Midland, TX

EBG Leasing, Inc., dba ColorTyme
Stephen Gopoyan
Worcester, MA

Extreme Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Andrew P. Summa
Coconut Creek, FL

EZ Pay Buildings LLC
Gary Underhill
Gahanna, OH

F.O.G. Enterprises, dba E-Z Rentals
Joey Grubb
Harriman, TN

G&K Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Gerald Jacobs
Forest, VA

Gold Capital LLC
Jeff Golightly
Paducah, KY

GTS Management LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Timothy Strachan
Keyser, WV

Happy’s Home Centers Inc.
Chris Kale Jr.
Tampa, FL

Hogan Coble LLC, dba ColorTyme Rent To Own
Scott Hogan
Smyrna, TN

HPH Investments LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Michael Hickey
Dothan, AL

Integrity Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Ted Krygoske
Portage, IN

J&M Leasing LLC, dba ColorTyme
Joe Bird
Pawtucket, RI

JPG Gun Barrel LP, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John Grove
Malakoff, TX

Lease Zone LLC
Rod Pederson
Lexington, KY

LPEA Group Inc., dba Great Rooms
Chris Kale Sr.
Tampa, FL

LTL Investments LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Rentals
David Lyons
Ennis, MT

Martin Rents Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Mark Martin
Fuquay Varina, NC

Mustard Seed Group LLC, dba Lease Management Services LLC
Sam Vinson
Abilene, TX

Nationwide Southwest Rent To Own Division
Dennis Willich
Bedford, TX

Owosso Rental & Purchase, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Matt Hebekeuser
Owosso, MI

Peppercorn Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
John J. Miller
Bedford, VA

Wally Moon
Wheeling, IL

PTS Financial And Benefit Services
John Blair
Calhoun, GA

Rent A Structure LLC
Dawn Goff
Philadelphia, NY

Rent World USA LLC
Joseph Schmidlen
Buckhannon, WV

Rivero, Gordimer & Company P.A.
Mike Helton
Tampa, FL

RNR of Virginia LLC, dba RNR Tire Express
Jonathan Rose
Norfolk, VA

RRSSR Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Roy Soto
San Antonio, TX

RTD Ventures LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
David Fender
Fayetteville, AR

S&P Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Mike Shuler
Kearney, NE

Superior Rental Purchase
Wade Harris
Poth, TX

Turk R-T-O LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Duane Turk
Saint Joseph, MO

Wade & Walt Rentals LLP, dba Express Rent To Own
Wade Harris
Poth, TX

New 10-Year APRO Members

Captive Management Services
Mark Blanchat
Wichita, KS

Colorvision Rent To Own Inc.
Brandon Hilyer
Opelika, AL

Great Rooms Pasco LLC, dba Great Rooms
Sharon Tomaszewski
Tampa, FL

GTS Management LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Timothy Strachan
Keyser, WV

Indy Leasing LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Jeremy Hamilton
Cordele, GA

J&R Furniture & Sales, dba Laneway Furniture
John McNeely
Dallas, TX

Jax LTO LLC, dba Rent Wise
Jeff Smith
Atlanta, GA

JED of Jonesboro Inc.., dba Pay-Less Furniture & Appliances
Fred Pearson
Jonesboro, AR

KFJ Enterprises LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Khodi Irani
Malvern, PA

Konig Investment Group LLC, dba Great Rooms
Paul Schaller
Tampa, FL

MicroBilt Corporation
Sean Albert
Kennesaw, GA

New Generations Diamond & Jewelry Co.
Robby Tyson
East Ridge, TN

Out The Door Rent To Own
Josh Johnson
Cadilac, MI

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