Hall of Honor

Recognizing Rent-to-Own’s Finest

APRO’s Hall of Honor awards are presented annually to select members and organizations that continually lift the level of excellence for the rent-to-own industry as a whole. Award recipients are celebrated at APRO’s annual awards luncheon, held during the association’s national conference and trade show.

2018 Award Recipients

APRO’s Awards Luncheon, August 21, honored the industry’s finest, inducting them into the association’s prestigious Hall of Honor. Congratulations to this year’s award winners Jim Brown, Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement; Mark Connelly, President’s Award of Excellence; Jeff Lebakken, Rental Dealers of the Year; Brad Denison, Norm Smith Vendor of the Year; and Terah Vail, Newcomer of the Year.

The State Association of the Year was awarded to the Missouri Rental Dealers Association, with John Cleek, Jr. at the helm. In addition, Florida, Indiana, Iowa-Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee and Wisconsin all won State Association Continued Excellence Awards; and Arkansas took home the State Association Emerging Excellence award.

2018 Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement: Jim Brown, ABC Rental

2018 Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement award recipient Jim Brown

Brown, one of APRO’s founding members in 1980, is not only a pioneer but has been a true industry advocate over the past 38 years. Having initiated his career in the Rent-To-Own industry working for Ernie Talley himself in 1965, Brown quickly took ownership of ABC Rental in Wichita and Kansas City, Missouri. Throughout his time in the industry, Brown has experienced varying industry climate from founding APRO to successfully battle legislation and turn an unstable industry into the multi-billion-dollar industry it is today. Jim and Debbie Brown have attended every APRO Legislative Conference and built and maintained strong relationships with public officials at every level of government in Kansas and in Washington, D.C. Jim has served as the Kansas Rental Dealer’s Association’s primary governmental affairs representative since it began in 2007 and was the recipient of APRO’s President’s Award of Excellence in 2004.

“It’s a great honor to be given one of the best APRO awards and having started my career with Ernie Talley it was very appropriate as the award is named after him. Ed Winn and I are the only two of the founding members left which also made it very special,” says Brown. “The future of the industry is unlimited especially looking at where it was in 1965 when it was just getting started. It’s completely different. We have a lot more options, our customer base is larger and we can still make improvements. We have good people involved in the industry and we can keep improving, growing and expanding.”

2018 President’s Award of Excellence: Mark Connelly, Arona Corp., dba Aaron’s

2018 President’s Award of Excellence recipient Mark Connelly

Connelly jumped into RTO after serving in the Marine Corps in 1989. His career started as a manager trainee for Remco and worked his way up to regional manager then divisional manager and then left the company and became vice president of operations for a 14-store ColorTyme franchise eventually bought by Renters Choice which bought Rent-A-Center in 1998. Connelly was soon promoted to senior vice president overseeing 300 Rent-A-Center stores in the Midwest. In 2003, he left Rent-A-Center and partnered with Tom Bernau, becoming owner of a six-store Aaron’s franchise, Arona Corp., based in Des Moines, Iowa. Arona Corp. is now the second largest Aaron’s franchise with 55 locations in seven states. Connelly has served as APRO president in 2016, has been on the APRO board of directors since 2013 and has attended APRO’s Legislative Conference since 2007.

“I was honored to be chosen for this award. It was totally unexpected, and I know many people in the industry who are as deserving. None of us do what we do for awards, we do it because we love our people and we love our customers, and we want to preserve that,” says Connelly.

2018 Rental Dealer of the Year: Jeff Lebakken, Lebakkens Inc. of Wisconsin

2018 Rental Dealer of the Year recipient Jeff Lebakken

Born into the industry, Lebakken worked part-time in his parent’s stores Lebakkens Inc. of Wisconsin throughout high school and college. After college, Lebakken joined the Army and then returned to manage the family business. He has been an RTO champion in the state of Wisconsin, fighting and advocating for the industry in efforts to keep an industry threats at bay and even nonexistent. Lebakken owns 11 stores and has been an APRO member since 1988. He has attended almost every APRO Legislative Conference since 1996, was the recipient of the APRO Heritage Award in 2008 and is the President of the Wisconsin Rental Dealers Association.

“Winning the Rental Dealer of the Year award feels great. It was made even better when seeing Brad Denison win Vendor of the Year, who I worked together with on legislation for so many years, and Jim Brown getting the Lifetime Achievement Award, a man that I looked up to all those years I was growing up in the industry,” shares Lebakken. “The industry has a strong and bright future. This industry is one of the few that is poised well to weather the downturn of the brick and mortar stores and will come out of it looking as good as ever.”

2018 Norm Smith Vendor of the Year: Brad Denison, Benefit Marketing Solutions

2018 Norm Smith Vendor of the Year recipient Brad Denison

Denison started his career as a trial lawyer and it was through that experience that he was introduced to the RTO industry where he served as Rent-A-Center’s in-house lawyer. After several years, Denison became Rent-A-Center’s general counsel and forged a relationship with Benefit Marketing’s Danny Wright. In 2006, he was offered the position of Benefit Marketing’s general counsel to which he gladly accepted and in 2012 he became the company’s CEO and when Wright retired in 2015, Denison added the role of President to his title. He has been an APRO member since 1991 and has attended many APRO Legislative Conferences advocating on behalf of the Rent-To-Own industry on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

“I am absolutely honored to be selected as the 2018 Vendor of the Year. I have been working with the rent to own industry for 27 years and know the caliber of the people serving the industry as vendors and as dealers. To be recognized for this award is special because I know there are many others that are doing great things to support the industry,” says Denison. “It seems like the landscape of the industry is changing more now than ever, but I am excited about the positive way I know the industry will adapt. We are working hard to be a part of that positive change.”

2018 Newcomer of the Year: Terah Vail, FAN Leasing

2018 Newcomer of the Year recipient Terah Vail

Vail is Director of Operations for 12 FAN Sales & Leasing, an Aaron’s franchise in Fayetteville, Arkansas serving customers in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. After receiving a Master’s in Theology in History at the University of Edinburgh, Vail returned home and began working for FAN, a company her father started in 1996. She is a founding member Vistage group, a peer-to-peer advisory board for local business executives in northwest Arkansas. Vail is also a board member of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas, a nonprofit committed to helping single parents in the area break the cycle of poverty through education and career advancement. She currently serves on the APRO Board of Directors and is the president of the Arkansas Rental Dealers Association.

“I am so honored and grateful. There are a lot of really high performers in this industry, many who are starting to make a name for themselves, and it’s an honor to be even be considered,” says Vail. “It’s an interesting time in the industry. We’re starting to see gears shift and we’re not even sure which gears they are and what the outcome will be, but I’m optimistic about where we are and how we can meet customer needs. We can take care of customers in ways that other retailers can’t so I say, let’s embrace it and move forward at full steam.”

APRO’s Hall of Honor

Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2016 Tiger John Cleek
2016 Ron DeMoss
2015 Larry Carrico
2014 Bill Keese
2013 Ernie Lewallen
2012 Ken Butler
2011 Mark Speese
2010 Kevin Quinn
2009 Gary McDougal
2008 Charlie Loudermilk
2007 Dave Egan
2006 Larry Sutton
2005 Lyle Jones
2004 Darrell Tissot
2003 Ernie Talley
2002 Wayland J. Russell
2001 Barry Gambini
2000 Chuck Sims
1999 Norman Slatton Sr.
1999 Chris Korst
1998 Bill White
1996 Ed Winn III
1995 Wayne Chambers
1995 Bud Holladay

President’s Award of Excellence

2017 Chris Kale, Sr.
2016 Sandi Frye
2016 David Harrison
2015 Lyn Leach
2014 Dwight Dumler
2013 Shannon Strunk
2012 APRO Staff
2011 Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2010 Richard May
2009 David P. David
2008 Mike Tissot
2007 Gary McDougal
2006 Terry Beville
2005 Kevin Quinn
2004 Jim Brown
2003 Ron Waters
2002 Larry Carrico
2001 Bill Keese
2000 Darrell Tissot
1999 Richard Bartel
1998 Ernie Talley
1997 Tracey Morgan
1996 Ernie Lewallen
1995 Ronald D. DeMoss
1994 Larry Sutton
1993 Ted Wilson
1992 Bud Holladay
1991 Chris Korst
1990 Ken Gay
1989 Wayne Chambers
1988 Bill Morgenstern
1987 Dave Egan
1986 Tom Devlin
1986 Rozanne Flatt
1985 Ed Winn III
1984 Barry Gambini
1983 Bud Holladay
1982 Charles D. Sims

Chuck Sims Rental Dealer of the Year

2017 Gary Ferriman
2016 Casey Pristou
2015 John Cleek Jr.
2014 Daniel L. Cole
2013 Mark and Kathy Windsor
2012 Roy Soto
2011 Richard Rose
2010 Jamie Slatton
2009 Dave Edwards
2008 Chris Bolin
2007 John Darden
2006 John Spangle
2005 Robert Briley
2004 Martin Auble
2003 Shannon Strunk and Cynthia Baber-Strunk
2002 Gary Hughes
2001 James Byrd
2001 Lyn Leach
2000 David P. David
1999 Tom Neyhart
1998 Larry Carrico
1997 Dan Weiss
1996 “Tiger” John Cleek
1995 James Strong
1994 Gary McDougal
1993 Mamie Harper
1992 Kevin Quinn
1991 Bob Simons
1990 Allen Lewis
1989 Roger Sharp

Heritage Award

2017 Dan Fisher
2016 Susan Matthews
2015 Sharon Tomaszewski
2014 Trooper Earle
2013 David Kraemer
2012 Bill Wendell
2011 Sidney Burton
2010 Charles Smithgall
2009 Larry and Brenda Tinney
2008 Jeff Lebakken
2007 David P. David and Steve Kruse
2006 Chuck Kuluva and Jeff Loeb
2005 Dan Cole and Richard Eichlin

Norm Smith Vendor of the Year

2017 Marty Smith, RES Accessories
2016 Rita Haney, Protect-A-Bed
2015 Al Benson, Central File Marketing
2014 Gary Jones, Ashley Furniture
2013 Larry Furiani, Coaster Co. of America
2012 James MacAlpine, RentDirect Nationwide
2011 Sherry Workman, Workman & Co.
2010 Bryan Collins, Bryce Co.
2009 John Blair, PTS Financial and Benefit Services
2008 Susan Matthews, Benefit Marketing Solutions
2007 Bill French, O’Rourke Sales Co.
2006 Ellison Crider, RSSS
2005 Wayne Harris, Sandberg Furniture
2004 Ron Wanek, Ashley Furniture
2003 John Foster, Alliance Computing Technologies
2002 John Rogers, High Touch
2001 Dennis Shields, TRIB Group
2000 Bob Saunders, Saunders Marketing
1999 Brad Wire, Whirlpool
1998 Les Feldser, RSSS
1997 Joe Savovic, Progressive Furniture
1996 Al Zagorniak, Sears
1995 Steve Owens, Foresight
1995 Danny Wright, Foresight
1994 Bonnie Nitzsche, Bonnie the Flyer Specialist
1994 Tim Shannon, Thomson
1993 Tom Kitchens, Whirlpool
1992 Lyle Jones, High Touch
1991 Norm Smith, Zenith

Steve Kruse Award of Honor

2016 David Keen
2015 Terry Beville
2014 Steve Kruse

State Association of the Year

2017 Illinois
2016 Missouri
2015 Florida and Illinois
2014 Illinois
2013 Ohio
2012 Kansas and Pennsylvania
2011 Texas
2010 Missouri
2009 Illinois
2008 New York
2007 Missouri
2006 Florida
2005 Missouri
2004 Arkansas
2003 Ohio
2002 Indiana
2001 Florida
2000 Texas
1999 Louisiana
1998 Illinois and Missouri
1997 New Jersey and Ohio
1996 Ohio
1995 Arkansas
1994 Missouri
1993 Florida
1992 Texas
1991 Indiana

State Association Legislative Achievement

2016 Florida
2015 California and Pennsylvania
2014 Texas
2013 Illinois
2012 Maryland
2011 Illinois
2010 Pennsylvania
2009 New York
2008 Iowa and Indiana
2007 Texas
2006 California
2005 Arkansas and California
2004 Florida
2003 Texas
2002 Wisconsin
2001 Nebraska
2000 Kentucky

Most-Improved State Association

2015 Tennessee
2014 New York
2013 Arkansas
2012 Louisiana
2011 Kansas
2010 Texas
2009 Pennsylvania
2008 Illinois
2007 New York
2006 Tennessee
2005 Ohio
2004 Missouri
2003 Arkansas
2002 California
2001 Colorado
2000 New York
1999 Florida
1998 Vermont
1997 Wisconsin
1996 New Jersey
1995 Massachusetts
1994 New York
1993 Michigan
1992 Ohio
1991 Alabama

State Association Emerging Excellence

2016 Kentucky, Northwest Rental Dealers
2015 Maine
2011 Delaware-New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri,
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin
2010 Northeast RDA (representing Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island),
Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Delaware-New Jersey, New York,
Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma
2009 Northeast RDA, Southwest RDA, Georgia and Delaware-New Jersey
2008 Kentucky and Minnesota
2007 Louisiana, Northwest (formerly Idaho, Oregon and Washington),
Pennsylvania and West Virginia

State Association Innovative Excellence

2015 Kansas and Louisiana
2014 Florida

State Association Continued Excellence

2016 Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
2015 Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, and Missouri
2014 Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
and Missouri
2013 Wisconsin, Indiana, Oklahoma, New York, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee and Missouri
2012 Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, New York, Florida,
Northeast, Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri
2009 Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio,
Missouri, Florida and Kansas
2008 California, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Northwest Rental Dealers Association,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas
2007 California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee
2006 Alabama/Mississippi, Texas, Missouri, Ohio
2005 Alabama/Mississippi, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee
2004 Alabama/Mississippi, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon,
Texas and Wisconsin
2003 California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri
2002 Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Texas
2001 Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Texas
2000 Indiana

APRO Board Presidents

2017-2018 David Kraemer
2016-2017 Mark Connelly
2014-2016 Gary Ferriman
2012-2014 David P. David
2010-2012 Robert Briley
2008-2009 “Tiger” John Cleek
2006-2008 Larry Carrico
2004-2006 Shannon Strunk
2003-2004 Lyn Leach
2002-2003 Gary Romine
1999-2002 Gary McDougal
1998-1999 Ernie Lewallen
1997-1998 Darrell Tissot
1995-1997 Bill White
1993-1995 Kevin Quinn
1991-1993 Wayne Chambers
1989-1991 Ted Wilson
1988-1989 Dick Grauel
1986-1988 Mac Hennigan
1985-1986 Glenn Davis
1985-1985 Bud Holladay
1982-1985 Barry Gambini
1980-1982 Bud Holladay

Rental-Purchase Employee of the Year

2012 Debbie McQueen
2011 Donna Falley
2010 David Lane
2009 David Keen
2008 Bill Tennison
2007 Jonathan Brown
2006 Murray Beck
2005 Paul Russell
2004 Jody Katz
2003 Anthony Robinson
2002 Ronnie D. Williams
2001 Josef Warren
2000 Eric Ison

Rental-Purchase Customer(s) of the Year

2012 Barbara Rodgers
2011 Vivian Saunders
2010 Louise Brown
2009 Sherron and Robert Wilder
2008 Kim Royal
2005 Johnnie Bradford
2004 Patrick and Marianna Head
2003 Donna Brown
2002 Norma Burgenger
2001 James and Brenda Atchison
2000 Maria Magdalena Estrada

APRO Members for 10 Years or More

Thank you for your continuing trust, loyalty, and commitment to our industry!

35-Year-Plus APRO Members

ABC Discount Superstore-Lease Purchase and Sales
Jim and Deborah Brown
Wichita, Kansas

Baber’s Inc.
Cynthia Baber-Strunk and Shannon Strunk
Moss Point, Mississippi

Basham Furniture Rental Inc.
Jeff Basham
Wichita, Kansas

LG Electronics Corp.
Mike Wood
Lincolnshire, Illinois

Whirlpool Corp.
Tom Halleckson
Benton Harbor, Michigan

New 35-Year APRO Members

Ace Furniture & TV Inc., dba Ace Rent-To-Own
Lyn and Natalie Leach
Lincoln, Nebraska

Action TV Rental Inc.
Pam E. May
Saltillo, Mississippi

Appliance & Furniture RentAll
Robert Elmen
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Buddy’s Newco LLC, dba Buddy’s Home Furnishings
Michael Bennett
Tampa, Florida

Woodville Rental Co.
Mark Kohler
Oregon, Ohio

30-Year-Plus APRO Members

Cleek’s Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John C. Cleek
Columbia, Missouri

Countryside Rentals Inc.
Michael Tissot
Bainbridge, Ohio

Dan’s Rent To Own Inc.
Dan T. Ballard
Tupelo, Mississippi

Dial Rent To Own
Dan R. Singh
Humacao, Puerto Rico

Full-O-Pep Appliances Inc.
David P. David
Bloomington, Indiana

Gill’s Inc.
Davis Gill
Albany, Georgia

High Touch Technologies
Jan Miller
Wichita, Kansas

House of Television Rentals
Kane and Amy Brink
Jamestown, New York

Mr. C’s
Dave Conger
Greensboro, Georgia

The Rental Market
Amy E. Zeller
Defiance, Ohio

RES Accessories
Michael E. Gerwe, Jr.
Tampa, Florida

Sam’s Appliance & Furniture
Herb Weisblatt
Haltom City, Texas

Sunrise TV Rentals
Shawn Merkle
Zanesville, Ohio

Super Rent Corp.
Brian J. Luksetich
Des Moines, Iowa

TRIB Group
Dennis Shields
Lawrenceville, Georgia

New 30-Year APRO Members

Central Rent 2 Own
Kit Knight
Nampa, Idaho

Kelly Rentals Inc., t/a Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Bobbie M. Floyd
Danville, Virginia

Kirkpatrick, Sprecker & Co. LLP
Jim Hubbard, CPA
Wichita, Kansas

25-Year-Plus APRO Members

Benefit Marketing Solutions
Susan Matthews
Mesquite, Texas

Briley Investments Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Robert O. and Lou Briley
Abilene, Texas

Credit Merchandise of Breaux Bridge Inc.
Judy Bergeron
Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

The Intium Corp.
Milton L. McNeely
Amarillo, Texas

Keller’s Rental Place Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John and Barbara Keller
Rolla, Missouri

Lebakkens Inc. of Wisconsin
Jeffrey Lewis Lebakken
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Liberty LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Brandon Moomey
Havre, Montana

National Rent To Own
Daniel L. Cole
Bridgeton, Missouri

Rento Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Greg Ressler
Sheridan, Wyoming

Rentown Inc., dba Stew’s Downtown Sight & Sound
Stewart D. Libby
Houlton, Maine

Show-Me Rent-To-Own Inc.
Gary A. and Kathy Romine
Farmington, Missouri

Showplace Inc.
Gary and MaryAnn Ferriman
Marion, Ohio

SKC Enterprises Inc.
Larry D. and Sharon Carrico
Saint Louis, Missouri

UHR Rents
Ernie Lewallen
Cincinnati, Ohio

White & Claassen LLC
Michael S. White
Wichita, Kansas

New 25-Year APRO Members

Best Rentals
Dave Batten
Wilmington, North Carolina

GE Appliances, a Haier Company
Paula Allison
Louisville, Kentucky

Hughes Rental & Sales
James Hughes
Big Spring, Texas

20-Year-Plus APRO Members

AAA Rent To Own, dba ColorTyme
Gary Hughes
Clarkston, Washington

Affordable Rent To Own
Dave Pooley
Tucson, Arizona

Ashley Furniture Industries
Kerry Lebensburger
Hallandale, Florida

Bargain Center, dba Aaron’s
Dale L. and Brenda Frederick
Grove, Oklahoma

Bestway Rental Inc., dba Bestway Rent-To-Own
David Kraemer
Richardson, Texas

Donrich Inc., dba Discovery Rent To Own
Donald W. Fifolt
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Easy Rent of Wichita Falls Inc.
Keith Sinclair
Wichita Falls, Texas

H&H Furniture Inc.
Mark Peterson
Yakima, Washington

Jamison’s Sales & Rental Inc.
Jennifer Harrod
Shelbyville, Kentucky

Lacey & Sons Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Tom M. Lacey
National City, California

Mike Strong Inc., dba Mike’s TV-Furniture & Appliance
Mike Strong
Hutchinson, Kansas

Progressive Furniture Inc.
George Ramel
Overland Park, Kansas

Raper’s Rent To Own Inc.
Charlene Clark
Richmond, Indiana

Rental City Inc.
Lynn Kuluva
Kansas City, Kansas

RTO Systems Inc., An Ascension Co./Walter Clark & Associates
Jeanette Beardsley CPIW, AIS
Porterville, California

Z-Best Rentals Inc.
Jan D. Arnett
Palm Coast, Florida

New 20-Year APRO Members

Central File Marketing
Alan Benson
Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Coaster Co. of America
Larry Furiani
Santa Fe Springs, California

CPL Group Inc., dba Rent King
Chris Kale
Tampa, Florida

Expert Warehouse II
Leigh Sims
Secaucus, New Jersey

Ideal Rentals
Ruben San Miguel
Hereford, Texas

Mustang Enterprises Inc., dba Hometown Rental Purchase
Jess Fisher
Arkansas City, Kansas

Premier Home Furnishings Inc.
John Owens
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Serta Simmons Bedding
Jamee Thompson
Atlanta, Georgia

Tower Rental Purchase Inc.
Robert F. Murphy, Sr.
Salem, New Jersey

15-Year-Plus APRO Members

Aspen Way Enterprises Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Rohnn M. Lampi
Billings, Montana

B&B Loan & Rental
Anthony Longin
Great Falls, Montana

Don’s E-Z Pay Inc.
Rhonda Weatherford
Mena, Arkansas

Easy Rental
Jeffery Klopp
Marietta, Georgia

FAN Sales & Leasing LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Geron Vail
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Florida State Games
Mario Fajardo
Coconut Creek, Florida

HomeSource Rentals
Dale Tanner
Savannah, Georgia

Hometown Rental Purchase Inc.
William Spangenberg
Houston, Texas

Ideal Software Systems Inc.
David Goldman
Meridian, Mississippi

Imagery Marketing Group
Kelly Martin
Saint Louis, Missouri

IOK Rental Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Tal C. Tate
Amarillo, Texas

Mainely Rent To Own
Wade Shaefer
Lincoln, Maine

National TV Sales & Rental
Mark and Kathy Windsor
Lebanon, Missouri

Nations Rent-To-Own
Paul M. and May Davis
Riverside, California

New York Furniture
Stewart Gentry
Monroe, Louisiana

Nicole Rental Purchase LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Waldemar Landmesser
Norwalk, Connecticut

Oak Park Inc., dba Rental Express
Mark Kresch
Douglasville, Georgia

The Premier Companies
Trooper Earle
Lightfoot, Virginia

Rent One LLC
Jeff and Regina White
Shreveport, Louisiana

Rental City
Greg & Jeff Worboy
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Rent-n-Roll LLC, dba RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels
Larry Sutton
Tampa, Florida

Ron Connolly Inc., dba Castle Rental
Kent Beckloff
Rogers, Arkansas

RTO PRO Software
Ron Ganus
Mount Dora, Florida

Sultan Financial Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Randy Sultan
Los Angeles, California

Sutton Adventures II Inc., dba RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels
Larry D. Sutton
Tampa, Florida

New 15-Year APRO Members

A Full House
Gloria Homeier
Russell, Kansas

All American Rental Inc.
Scott Mitchell
Springfield, Missouri

Majik Enterprises International Inc., dba Majik Rent-To-Own
Daniel J. Fisher
Mountville, Pennsylvania

PMB Rentals LLC, dba RTO Rentals
Tim Boyd
Paris, Tennessee

RimFire Inc., dba Right Away Rent To Own
Kurt D. Henning
Fallon, Nevada

10-Year-Plus APRO Members

Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Robert Kamerschen
Atlanta, Georgia

Advantage Rentals & Sales
Rodney A. Reddell
Waco, Texas

Arona Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Thomas R. Bernau
West Des Moines, Iowa

Aser Enterprises, dba Bargain Rentals
Michael Reyna
San Antonio, Texas

BKNM Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Brian Clussman
San Antonio, Texas

Bolin Rental Purchase
Christopher Bolin
Clarksville, Tennessee

Central Properties, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Mike Lewis
Granger, Indiana

Climatic Home Products
Doug Allen
Columbia, South Carolina

Colorvision Home Center Inc.
Deke Hilyer
Lanett, Alabama

Credit Merchandise Home Furnishings
Matt Eason
Morgan City, Louisiana

D&H Distributing
John Alifano
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Del Rio Home & Auto Supply Inc.
Raymond J. Patuel
del Rio, Texas

DFC Leasing
Ernie Thompson
South Hill, Virginia

Double A Rentals
David Hume
Roanoke, Virginia

Eagle Rentals Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Steve Leach
Wyoming, Michigan

Fairway Leasing LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Todd Wilkins
Crescent Springs, Kentucky

FT Got Three LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Steven Walling
Daphne, Alabama

Growby’s LLC, dba Growby’s RTO
Brian Grow
Mitchell, Indiana

Gulf Coast L&P Inc., dba Rent-n-Roll
Cynthia Baber-Strunk and Shannon Strunk
Moss Point, Mississippi

Hawpond Partners Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Mitch Raines
Ashburn, Georgia

Heath Investment Group Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Duffy Heath
Raleigh, North Carolina

Home Furnishing Solutions Inc.
Andrew J. Piotrowski
Scottsdale, Arizona

JACL Inc., dba Rent-n-Roll Pittsburgh
Daniel Cohen
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jaguar Holdings LLC, dba Eagle Rental-Purchase
Joseph M. Fischer
Youngstown, Ohio

Liberty 4 U Inc., dba Liberty TV & Appliance
Lanny Holmes
Paris, Texas

Lowcountry RTO LLC
Albert Entwistle, Jr.
Louisville, Kentucky

MNT Enterprises Inc., dba PriceWise
Tom Burkhart
Grafton, Ohio

National Educational Music Co.
Ken Maehl
Mountainside, New Jersey

Natural State Leasing Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John Raines
Ashburn, Georgia

Okinus Inc.
Mark Gagne
Suwanee, Georgia

O’Rourke Sales Company
Joe O’Rourke
Flower Mound, Texas

Payless Rent To Own
Allie Norton
El Paso, Texas

PDQ Rentals Inc.
Dana Drake
Washington, Indiana

Pearsey Enterprises Inc.
Les Pearsey
Bakersfield, California

R&B Dreammakers, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Ruben Flores
Bradenton, Florida

REBCO Investments LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Jeff Weinreb
Warren, New Jersey

Chris Korst
Plano, Texas

Rental Concepts LLC, dba Rent-N-Roll
David Harrison
Springdale, Arkansas

RentDirect Nationwide
Dennis Willich
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Ernie Lewallen
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rentstar Inc., dba Rent-A-Center
Dave Furterer
West Chester, Ohio

Rex Neal Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Rex Neal
Valdosta, Georgia

Rich and Dave Rentals, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rich Bagoly
Reading, Pennsylvania

Rims USA LLC, dba Rent-n-Roll
A.J. Raffo
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Rowland’s TV & Appliance
Wayne Rowland
Knoxville, Tennessee

Royal Rents Inc./Lifestyle
Bruce Kemp
Columbus, Georgia

Select Management Resources LLC
Mike Moore
Alpharetta, Georgia

Sleek’s Rent To Own
Tim Montel
Fort Morgan, Colorado

Smith Group, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Spencer Smith
Cortez, Colorado

SR Kinnear Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Scott Kinnear
Dayton, Ohio

Syracuse Rental Systems Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rick Vadnais
Syracuse, New York

TMF & AJS Investments LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Tim Fogerty
Mantua, New Jersey

Triad Leasing LLC
Shaun Rush
Lawrence, Kansas

TWT Leasing Inc., dba ColorTyme
Jeffrey Tepper
Halifax, Virginia

U Can Rent Inc.
Robert Fales
Millbrook, Alabama

Ultima Gemini Group Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Trinidad Rubio
San Antonio, Texas

White Rose Enterprises, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Sandi Frye
Altoona, Pennsylvania

Whiteco Commercial Funding
Bill White
Mesquite, Texas

Whitsell and Company PC
Daniel G. Whitsell
Arlington, Texas

Yes! Stores Inc.
Marc Sulkes
El Cajon, California

New 10-Year APRO Members

Action Development Corp., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Gopal Reddy
Springfield, Illinois

Arthus Enterprises Inc., dba Aaron’s
A.J. Arthus
Lubbock, Texas

Becky Lou Corp., dba Rent-A-Center
Louis Hall
Bartonsville, Pennsylvania

Candie-Johns Rentals Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
John Sprayberry
Dixon, Illinois

DW3 LLC/Haytess LLC, dba Aaron’s
Bob Whittle
Louisville, Kentucky

Gulf Breeze Investments, dba Rent-n-Roll
Shannon Strunk
Moss Point, Mississippi

Heck & Lambert Inc., dba Great Rentals
Greg Heck
Utica, New York

Hogan Nichter LLC, dba ColorTyme Rent To Own
Cindy Hogan
Gallatin, Tennessee

JC George SMH Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
John George
Elma, New York

JR Squared Enterprises Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Jim Ratner
Westbrook, Maine

Lifestyle Rentals LLC, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
David Bauer
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

M&M Home Furnishings Inc., dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Michael Gordon
Lakewood, Colorado

Progressive Finance
Jake Barlow
Draper, Utah

Rent-N-Roll of Missouri LLC, dba Rent-n-Roll
Richard Bergman
Overland, Missouri

RNR Tire Express
David P. David
Bloomington, Indiana

SEI/Aaron’s Inc., dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
Charles Smithgall, IV
Atlanta, Georgia

Sieverding Group, dba Premier Rental-Purchase
Rick Sieverding
Bellevue, Iowa

Suanne LLC, dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease Ownership
John Whittle
Louisville, Kentucky

Angela Scarbrough
Delray Beach, Florida

Watershed Development Corp.
Casey Pristou
Lake Bluff, Illinois