Apply for the APRO Charitable Foundation Scholarship

The Scholarship Process

The APRO Scholarship application will open at the end of the Spring semester to apply for the Fall semester of that year.

The scholarship process includes submitting all materials through an online application and completing a phone interview. Once you submit your application and APRO confirms you as a qualified applicant, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Once you complete the interview, we will contact you again if you are selected for a scholarship.

Third-party judges — an independent panel of educators not affiliated with the Foundation’s board of directors, APRO staff, or scholarship applicants — read, review, and score each submitted application.

Criteria Requirements

To qualify for an APRO Scholarship, applicants must be either a rent-to-own employee or a child of a rent-to-own employee. The applicant’s affiliated rent-to-own company must be a current member of APRO and a current member of each state association to which they apply.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on three key criteria:

  1. Financial need;
  2. Academic merits; and
  3. Charitable/civic/community involvement.

Scholarship recipients can expect two payment installments:

  • 1st installment – August 2021; and
  • 2nd installment – After the recipient submits proof of their Fall GPA (it must be 3.0 or above for universities or 2.5 or above for trade schools).

The Scholarship Application

The APRO Scholarship Application is online only; paper applications will not be accepted. 

APRO will continue to post further details about the scholarship here; please check back for the link to this year’s online application link.

Once submitted, the application is final. Do not click the “Done” button until you have completed ALL of the application and uploaded ALL materials.

For applicants with scholarship questions, please contact us at, or call us at (800) 204-2776.

State Association Scholarships

APRO will continue to post further details about the 2021 State Association scholarship here — please check back.

The following are the results of the 2020 scholarship recipients from State Associations:

Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA)

The Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA) awarded three scholarships to FRDA member employees or their children.

Kansas Rental Dealers Association (KRDA)

The Kansas Rental Dealers Association (KRDA) awarded one scholarship to a child of a KRDA member employee.

Tennessee Rental Dealers Association (TRDA)

The Tennessee Rental Dealers Association (TRDA) awarded three scholarships to TRDA member employees or their children.