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RTO World 2020

Call for Presentations Deadline November 15

RTO World 2019 was a success across the board as rental dealers and exhibitors from around the country met for the second annual trade show and convention hosted by APRO and TRIB Group. The convention exceeded expectations hitting record numbers. We can’t wait to do it all again August 17-20 at RTO World 2020 in Tampa, Florida! You can play a key role in our industry’s biggest event of the year. Do you have ideas for compelling content for the RTO World 2020 education sessions? Gather them together and let us know! 

Call for Presentations RTO World 2020 –Deadline: November 15

Do you have ideas for compelling content for the RTO World 2020 education sessions? Gather them together and let us know! If you are interested in being a speaker at our national conference then follow these instructions, and apply. A committee of industry leaders will review all submissions and determine which ones best meet our needs for the 2020 convention.

Presentations will be reviewed and ranked based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevance to attendees
  • Creativity in content and presentation style
  • Presenter’s communication skill and style

Presentation formats may be with 1) an individual presenter, 2) a pair of co-presenters, or 3) up to three panelists with a moderator.

Please submit the following information in your speaker application packet no later than November 15 to

Presenter bio(s) – 200 words or fewer (required)

  •  Current title and company
  • Years in industry
  • Credentials/training
  • Something interesting about you (non-work related – family, hobbies, achievements, etc.)

Session description (required)

  •  250-500 words total
  • An introductory summary (150 words or fewer), bulleted specific learning outcomes, compelling audience questions, and the presentation format – do NOT include bios in the session description.

Professional headshot(s) (required)

  • High-resolution, print-ready
  • Minimum 300 dpi at 100% size
  • EPS, JPG, TIFF formats accepted

Speaker expectations (required)

  • All set-up requirements, audio/visual requirements, and any additional items you will need for your presentation, such as flip charts or white boards
  • If you require travel reimbursement or an honorarium to present, then include this information. The review committee will select presentations that fit within the overall budget for the event; they may or may not have access to limited funds for travel reimbursement or honorariums.

Video or voice recording of presenter (preferred)

  • Online link (YouTube or other site) – CDs, DVDs, etc. will NOT be accepted

Additional materials (optional)

  • Sample slides, visual aids, handouts, etc.
  • Resource articles related to your topic

Thank you to those who have already submitted. If you have questions, concerns, or just want more info, please contact us at 800/204-2776 or

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