Call for entries for APRO 2019 Scholarship Applications

Attention APRO Rent-to-Own Employees and Children of employees:

The APRO Scholarship Foundation is now accepting applications for college scholarships. For more than a decade, APRO’s Education Foundation has annually provided scholarships to rent-to-own professionals and their families. APRO members have contributed generously to the association’s Scholarship Fund – awarding 325 scholarships totaling $759,000 to date – to help students connected with RTO pursue their college degrees. The deadline to apply is 5:00 p.m. CT on June 14, 2019.

To apply, students must complete an application and submit proof that they have been accepted into an accredited university or trade school for the 2019 Fall semester; have a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA, or 2.5 or better cumulative GPA when applying to an accredited two-year trade school; and submit an essay on why they deserve the scholarship based on three key criteria: 1) charitable or civic/community involvement, 2) Academic merits and 3) Financial need. Students are also required to submit an essay on how rent-to-own has made an impact on someone personally.

Please make sure to review and complete the full submission requirements prior to applying.

Click here to download the 2019 APRO Education Foundation Scholarship application. For more information, contact

Criteria Requirements

Scholarship applicants must be either a rent-to-own employee or a son or daughter of a rent-to-own employee of a company in good standing.

APRO Scholarship Priorities

Your written narrative on why you deserve the scholarship – based on your Charitable/Civic/Extracurricular Activities, Financial Need and Academic Excellence – is the most important part of your application.

For guidance and examples, please review the stories of the 2016 recipients, beginning on page 6.

Kansas, Missouri, Florida and Tennessee State Association Scholarships

Kansas Rental Dealers Association (KRDA)
The Kansas Rental Dealers Association (KRDA) will award one $1500 scholarships to KRDA member employees or their children. Please select KRDA on the application. Please see submission requirements above.

Missouri Rental Dealers Association (MRDA)
The Missouri Rental Dealers Association (MRDA) will award one $1000 scholarships in recognition of APRO’s Executive Director “Bill Keese’s Service to the RTO Industry”. Applicants must be children from a manager level or below of a MRDA member company. Please see the submission requirements above.

Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA)
The Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA) will award one $1000 and one $500 scholarships to FRDA member employees or their children. Please select FRDA on the application. Please see submission requirements above.

Tennessee Rental Dealers Association (TRDA)
The Tennessee Rental Dealers Association (TRDA) will be awarding four $2500 scholarships to TRDA member employees or their children. Please select TRDA on the application. Please see the submission requirements above.

You may select more than one sponsoring group if your company is a member of multiple groups.

APRO Scholarship Fund Donations

APRO always welcomes member contributions to the Education Foundation Scholarship Fund. Donations can be made here or in conjunction with payment of your annual APRO membership dues, and are tax-deductible. For more information about the APRO Education Foundation Scholarship Fund, please contact Tulisha Wendele at 800.204.2776, ext. 111.

The Process

Scholarship applicants submit their application packets to APRO, which passes them along to a panel of judges. The APRO Education Foundation uses a third-party, independent panel of educators, unaffiliated with APRO or its members, to review and score our annual scholarship applications. The independent panel reviews and scores each packet based on the criteria outlined by the Education Foundation’s Board of Directors, and reflected on the application. The criteria includes community involvement, academic excellence, and financial need. Financial need is given priority over other criteria.

Neither APRO staff nor the Charitable Foundation board of directors have influence in which applicants receive scholarships. This process assists in maintaining integrity and fairness in the scholarship program.

State Associations scholarships are awarded using their own criteria. Applications are passed on to the state associations for review and selection.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 APRO Education Foundation Scholarship recipients!

Florida Rental Dealers Association

  • Caitlin Miller
  • Lillian Snyder

Kansas Rental Dealers Association

  • Alexie Bass
  • Taelyr Blehm

Missouri Rental Dealers Association

  • Braeden Westhusing

Tennessee Rental Dealers Association

  • Alexis Doroba
  • Benjamin Estep
  • Summer Ford
  • Hannah Hogan
  • Chandler Morel
  • Conner Morel


  • Jacob Adams
  • Haleigh Adams-Salaberrios
  • Alexie Bass
  • Sarah Bennett
  • Taryn Bilbrey
  • Taelyr Blehm
  • Nathan Carter
  • Nick Ceruzzi
  • Thomas Cleek
  • Mary Cleek
  • Brandon Collins
  • Benjamin Estep
  • Bailey Fischer
  • Summer Ford
  • Jarred Ford
  • Hannah Hogan
  • Zachary Hyden
  • Tyler Jackson
  • McKenzie Jacobs
  • Dave Jones
  • Jonathan Kube
  • Gabe Kurtzhals
  • Gabriel Little
  • Savannah McCauley
  • Cody McSwain
  • Caleb Mercer
  • Caitlin Miller
  • Natalie Miller
  • Javontay Moss
  • William Padua
  • Tej Patel
  • Cole Peterson
  • Michaela Peterson
  • Layne Richard
  • Conner Ryals
  • Madison Samples
  • Elyse Serrano
  • Marissa Shutt
  • Lillian Snyder
  • Hannah Tharp
  • Brandon Thorson
  • Angela Troisi
  • Myaicia Womack