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Longtime RTO Employee Darrell Murray Retiring

Darrell Murray, who has spent 32 years in the RTO industry, is retiring to spend more time for the family and volunteer work of adult literacy. His recent RTO stints included the past six years with Rent One and American Rental prior. He ended up at Rent One when American Rental bought their store. He was worried he was going to get fired after the purchase because, at that point, did not know how to read. When he told Rent One about being illiterate and asked for help, they connected him to a program and at age 55 was able to read. He used that experience to become a tutor, advocate in D.C. and become an active volunteer to help people that had the same problem he did. During his stint at Rent One, he was a “Certified Client Retention Specialist”. What does that mean? As with every position in RTO, it meant customer service. In this instance, helping customers stay customers and if they couldn’t then do everything he could to welcome them back. He looks back at the industry and is amazed how much has changed through the decades. “The stores are bigger and the look compares to major furniture and electronic stores,” reflects Murray. He says his favorite memories, though, is watching the families grow and grow up. He is now on the third generation of many of his customers and is proud to know them all. He also is proud of the opportunity to work with a great team of people and watch them grow from a new hire to store managers upward to regionals. “There is so much opportunity in this business. The sky is the limit.” “So, what are going to do in retirement?” asks APRO. “I believe I might sleep in for a few days! Seriously though. I am looking forward to spending time with my children and grandchildren. I also will be promoting adult literacy through the Literacy Center in Evansville where I am now a Board member.”

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