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Announcing the 2021 APRO Charitable Foundation Scholars

The APRO Charitable Foundation provides scholarships annually to RTO professionals and their families. Since its inception, APRO members have contributed generously to the APRO Scholarship Fund – awarding 418 scholarships totaling $940,750 to date – to help RTO-connected students pursue their college and trade school degrees.

The Process

Since 2015, the APRO Charitable Foundation has used a third-party, independent panel of educators to review and score our annual scholarship applications. The judges are unaffiliated with any directors of the foundation board, APRO staff or scholarship applicants.

Applications are sent to the judges who then read, review and score each applicant’s submitted materials based on the criteria outlined by the Foundation’s board of directors and as reflected on the application. APRO staff and the Charitable Foundation Board of Directors do not influence or determine who receives scholarships.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 APRO Charitable Foundation Scholarship Recipients! Notifications have been sent to recipients via email.

Arkansas Rental Dealers Association

  • Jackson Lindsey
  • Nicholas Palacios

Florida Rental Dealers Association

  • Alexis Flores
  • Brian Kelly
  • Marissa Shutt

Tennessee Rental Dealers Association

  • Benjamin Estep
  • Ethan Garrison
  • Cayli Lambert
  • Connor Morel


  • David Baker
  • Zoe Bass
  • Anna Bennett
  • Kaitlyn Black
  • Craig Caspari
  • Mary Cleek
  • Jalynn Felan
  • Alexis Flores
  • Jaliya Ford
  • Jarred Ford
  • Matthew Gilley
  • Brian Kelly
  • Anthony Kestler
  • Kennedie Marks
  • Taylor Miracle
  • Makenna Peters
  • Connor Peterson
  • Juliana Peterson
  • Cody Perkins
  • Gunnar Pirtle
  • Sophia Poteet
  • Marissa Shutt
  • Rylee Smith
  • Victoria Stutzke
  • Angela Troisi

Thank You to Our Donors

Our scholarship program would not be possible without the generous support of donors throughout the year. The ongoing, consistent support of our Society for Tomorrow donors is the only way a program like this can be sustained. Thank you for supporting others in pursuing their dreams by furthering their education. Thank you also to our state associations who participated: Arkansas Rental Dealers Association, Florida Rental Dealers Association, Missouri Rental Dealers Association, and Tennessee Rental Dealers Association.

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