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Telemedicine Programs Respond to Customers’ Health Needs

Benefit Marketing Solutions (BMS) and PTS Financial Services have long been on the leading edge of developing products and supports that meet rent-to-own customers’ diverse needs. Both companies provide club membership programs that help RTO business owners promote customer satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty, encourage customer retention and repeat transactions, and generate goodwill in the broader community.

Among the most popular offerings of BMS’ customer membership clubs in many parts of the U.S. are health services, including telemedicine, medical and dental care, vision care and eyewear, pharmaceutical, chiropractic and alternative care, hearing care and laboratory and diagnostic care – and wellness services – including telemedicine, mental health counseling, and around-the-clock nurse helpline and patient advocacy.

According to BMS CEO Brad Denison, “Our health and wellness programs are a tremendous value for RTO customers, but what sets us apart is that millions of members of our programs that contain telemedicine can access medial care with no consult fee and no additional membership fee. During the current viral outbreak, our club participants can securely access the telemedicine benefit and unlimited consults with a medical professional for themselves or family members over the telephone without leaving their homes and risking exposure to or infection by COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases. When appropriate, a prescription can also be called into the member’s pharmacy. In the 10 years we have been offering telemedicine services, they have never been more essential to community and individual health than now.”

PTS Financial Services’ myDOCTORplanTM has a similar goal of helping RTO business owners empower their customers while building trust and loyalty through providing access to qualified medical practitioners via telephone 24/7/365.

PTS Club Benefits Program Director Elise Boyd Nizamutdinova says, “The availability of on-demand health services via telephone anytime, day or night, to every individual 2 and older for customers’ families is an increasingly urgent matter. When RTO business owners offer telemedicine care to their customers through club memberships, it provides a convenient, affordable solution to this pressing need.”

Nizamutdinova noted the employees of PTS receive telemedicine services as participants in myDOCTORplan and are exceptionally satisfied with its responsiveness and benefits. “I woke up at 3 a.m. one morning feeling ill and called the Plan,” she says. “I was called back in 10 minutes, had a consult with a knowledgeable physician, and at 9 a.m., I was able to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. From a healthcare consumer’s perspective, telemedicine is an increasingly valuable and cost-effective resource.”

Benefit Marketing Solutions based in Mesquite, Texas, is a provider of customer membership programs predominantly within the rent-to-own industry. BMS offers its clients and their customers a broad range of benefits, including comprehensive telemedicine services.

PTS Financial Services is a multi-divisional company based in Calhoun, Georgia that provides companies the ability to increase revenue through membership programs and other ancillary services. PTS specializes in providing the RTO industry with a competitive membership program that provides valuable protection and savings for the RTO customer, which includes the myDOCTORplan™ telemedicine service.

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