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APRO Member Keen Retires After a Decade of Accomplishments

David Keen, right, smiles with his friend Javontay Moss. David is Javontay’s mentor as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.

David Keen is set to retire after more than 12 years of leading Rent One to new heights. With his background in recruitment and public relations, Keen’s legacy will include many accomplishments in the RTO world. A few of his proudest achievements include:

  • As president of IRDA and a leading figure within APRO, Keen participated in countless legislative conferences, setting up more than 100 meetings with state and federal legislators.
  • Keen led charitable efforts through the Rent One Great Expectations program, which has donated more than $500,000 dollars to enhance the lives of children throughout the Midwest.
  • Keen started the Rent One DT Rodeo, a staple in the company and industry allowing delivery technicians a chance to prove who is the best of the best.

After hanging up his RTO hat, Keen is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and grandchildren, as well as exploring hobbies and turning his attention to his rental properties. He is also involved with multiple charities, veterans causes and his local church.

“Rent One is a family team,” Keen shared. “I appreciate the Rent One team and will cherish the amazing super friends that Joanne and I have made.”

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