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Rent One Delivery Tech Rodeo Continues

Region 3 DT Rodeo in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Rent One’s nine-series Delivery Tech Rodeo continues with competitions held for the company’s regions 4 in Carmi, Illinois; 1 and 2 in Mt. Vernon, Illinois; 3 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri; 5 and 6 in Paragould, Arkansas; and 7 in Jackson, Tennessee on September 12-20. The six rodeos were comprised of a consistent agenda including hands-on events such as Rent One trivia, delivery and return of products, customer service calls and the chance to advance to the finals. All participants received a carry-all clipboard storage box, LED headlamp, YETI cups and more. The first-place teams of each rodeo will go on to compete in the company-wide DT Rodeo finals on October 17 in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
Regions 5 and 6 DT Rodeo in Paragould, Arkansas
The first-place winners are listed by order of event date.
  • September 12, region 4: Ryan Breazeale, Jakob Hemm and James Martin Rent One store 23 in Evansville, Indiana.
  • September 13, region 1: Tad Belka and Seikura Burton from Rent One store 174 in Lawrenceville, Illinois; and David Jones from Rent One store 171 Mt. Carmel, Illinois.
  • September 13, region 2: Nathan Ruff and Trevor Shute from Rent One store 74 in DuQuoin, Illinois.
  • September 18, region 3: Devin Cochran, Tremaine Grant and Joshua Louis from Rent One store 57 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
  • September 19, region 5: Black Hadley and Travis Jones from Rent One store 152 in Dexter, Missouri.
  • September 19, region 6: Cameron Fuller and Shelby Wilson from Rent One store 141 in Searcy, Arkansas.
  • September 20, region 7: Marcus Bond and Christopher Vandiver from Rent One store 33 in Brownsville, Tennessee.
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