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IRDA’s 2017 Legislative Days

Governor Bruce Rauner copy
Pictured L to R: Dave Scroggins, David Keen, Stan Davis, Larry Carrico, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Kevin Milliron, David Riley, Dave Stephens, Casey Pristou, Wade Marks and Joe O’Neill.
The Illinois Rental Dealers Association took to the halls of the Illinois State Capitol for IRDA’s Annual Legislative Days in Springfield Wednesday, April 26th. IRDA members met with about 20 state senators and more than 30 state representatives continuing to build rapport with their state legislators. This marks the 7th Annual Legislative Days for IRDA and stood to be the most important one to date. “This year’s legislative day stands to be the most important one we have had to date. Our bills are active and the timing of our visit looks to be quite good,” shared IRDA President Casey Pristou. “It’s been extremely vital to see the same legislators time and time again and explain how vital the RTO industry is,” shared IRDA’s and Rent One’s Director of Employee Development David Keen. “This year we have a house and senate bill to try to get it passed to benefit the industry and hopefully that will be considered and voted on by both senate and move over the house.” Highlights of IRDA’s 2017 Legislative Days included meeting with Representative Jim Durkin, House Republican Minority Leader, who was very responsive and favorable of the rent-to-own industry. They also met in Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s personal office where they discussed the bill at hand while also expressing gratitude for his hard work in decreasing costs for small business operators in the state of Illinois that make it easier for the RTO industry to expand within the state. Rent One’s Larry Carrico believes SB1434 will allow dealers to lower upfront product cost and create a less costly way to warehouse products in the state of Illinois. “Governor Rauner even ask if we could share our story on how the new law could help us expand warehousing within the state. We are looking for great things in Illinois!”
Rep Jim Durkin, House Republican Minority Leader copy
Pictured L to R: Joe O’Neill, David Riley, Casey Pristou, David Keen, Representative Jim Durkin, House Republican Minority Leader, Dave Scroggins, Kevin Milliron, Larry Carrico and Wade Marks.

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