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Announcing APRO’s 2017 Customer of the Year: Antonia Gandara

Antonia Gandara
APRO’s 2017 Customer of the Year Antonia Gandara
APRO is proud to announce this year’s customer of the year, Antonia Gandara! Antonia was nominated by Arona Corp. dba Aaron’s Sales & Lease General Manager Cat Vigil of Commerce City, Colorado. Both Antonia and Cat will be awarded $100. APRO’s exceptional customer contest sought an RTO patron who inspires and improves his or her family and community. We received and enjoyed reviewing many great entries but we found the story of Arona Corp.’s General Manager Cat Vigil and customer Antonia Gandara to truly be unlike the rest. General Manager, Cat Vigil’s aunt passed away and Cat was her main caretaker and while her aunt had four children Cat found herself alone in taking care of her aunts services. She wanted to give her a proper burial and service but did not have the money. Arona Corp.’s long-term customer, Antonia Gandara, overheard Cat’s plight and stepped in to help. Antonia organized the funeral services and with the help of her pastor they opened up their church to the entire family. “It was great our customers care for us just as we care for them. I will forever be grateful to her as she will be to me. That is not something we did for that customer but what the customer did for me,” Cat. Congratulations, Cat and Antonia, and a special thank you to all those who submitted entries of their very best customers!
2017’s Customer of the Year Honorable Mentions
Julia RobinsonCustomer Julia Robinson nominated by Rent-2-Own Store Manager Donna Treboni of Waverly, OH. Furnished her entire home with R2O and considers her store like home and staff like family. She has referred 20+ new customers in 2016 and continues to do so this year. “She can afford to purchase her products straight out but doesn’t want to miss seeing us and she knows the value of our extended warranty and sells it too when she is in the store to other customers,” Donna. ROGERCARLACustomers Roger & Carla Smith nominated by Rent-A-Center’s Keith Brock of Dundalk, MD. Carla started her own business using RTO computers and printers. Along with a heat press and other equipment to get it off the ground. “RTO was there for us when we were just starting our family when money was much tighter. We still use them and refer our friends and family to them because it’s so easy,” Carla. Customer Patrick Fielder nominated by Aaron’s Sales & Lease Bobbi Alaniz of Eastern Michigan. patrick fileder 3Patrick has been a customer of 5 years with 22 paid in full and EPO agreements and 4 total current agreements. He likes to bring staff lunch “just because”. He is a cold war veteran as a US Marine. He has received letters of recognition from the Secretary of State and received the Congressional Order of Merit and American Defense Ribbon. His motto:  “It’s not an I, it’s a We to get the mission accomplished.” “All the personnel at Aarons in Adrian, have been very good to me and my wife. They are helpful, reliable, and exceptional. I highly recommend this store which I did when I was in dire need of appliances in my home.  They made it affordable for me and worked with me when needed.  And they always kept me within my budget,” Patrick. Donna MathiasCustomer Donna Mathias nominated by Action Development Corp., dba Aaron’s Store Manager Matt Reed of Decatur, IL. Donna and her children’s homes are furnished by Aaron’s. She says she could not imagine getting the same service and relationships in a retail environment. The RTO industry has been a way for her to not only provide for her own needs and furnishings, but allowed her to help out her kids over the years when appliances would break down or the grandkids wanted the latest game systems. “The relationship we have with Donna is a playful one. She would not let me in the picture and wanted our Sales Manager Bruce. According to Donna I would break the camera,” Matt.

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