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Majik Rent-to-own Store Opens its Doors in Sunbury

Majik store district managers Joe Luczak, left, and Mike Lerch, demonstrate the Stream Smart system available at the store to Clarence and Donna Reedy of Sunbury at the 4th Street plaza in Sunbury on Tuesday. Photo and comment credit: Robert Inglis
SUNBURY — A  commercial storefront vacant for about five years was brought back to life on Tuesday as Majik, a rent-to-own company, opened its doors to customers. Majik, which offers furniture and appliances, opened at 1127 N. 4th St., the former site of a Rent-A-Center store in the Sunbury Plaza Center. “The market here seems like a good market for us, we like small towns because we can be an overall provider for the whole town, we can order anything from the Ashley furniture catalog,” said owner Dan Fisher. “Our goal is to really provide anything anyone might want for their home with a lot of options. “So if someone wants to come in and buy it for cash, were happy to do that, if someone wants to buy it with a credit card, were happy to do that, or if their not sure they want to commit or put out that kind of money, we offer a rent to own option as well,” he said. majik-storefrontFisher’s company had been looking for a good location. He called the plaza site “great.” “There’s lots of traffic and visibility as well as parking,” Fisher said. Business on Tuesday, the day after most businesses and organizations recognized the New Year’s holiday, was a little busier than expected. “Usually we do a soft opening first, so we didn’t advertise a lot yet and our grand opening is in about two weeks,” he said. Good early returns for any Sunbury business evokes a smile from Mayor David Persing. “Any new business is important for multiple reasons,” he said. “You’re always trying to recruit new businesses, but it’s also important to retain businesses.” Persing said when somebody wants to invest in Sunbury they want to see other businesses thriving and see the city government doing things to keep them going, calling it a steamroller affect. While an ailment kept Persing from visiting on opening day, he plans to visit Majik soon. “I want to be able to say (to new business owners) ‘how can we help you?'” he said. “How can we work together to maintain the business?” Persing cited recruiting live events like sports tournaments — which bring an influx of customers to area restaurants and coffee shops — as one example of how the city can help businesses. Persing said filling a large commercial vacancy like Majik’s is particularly difficult. “In smaller spaces you can easily change some structure around,” he said. “But bigger ones are harder to fill. Just because of the size alone you have to talk about things like cost of heating.” Majik’s Sunbury store has four full-time employees, but the company is looking to add some more, Fisher said. It is the company’s 10th store. A store in the Silver Moon Plaza in Lewisburg has been open for about a year. The company’s oldest store, in Stonemill Plaza in Lancaster, is celebrating its 30th year. Source: The Daily Item

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