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Rent One and RNR Midwest Annual Charity Week Commits $100K

APRO members SKC Enterprises, Inc. dba Rent One and RNR Midwest dba RNR Tire Express recently held their fourth annual Give Back Charity Week, held in conjunction with company Owners Larry and Sharon Carrico’s Great Expectations Foundation.

Great Expectations Foundation, founded in 2011, awards grants two time per year for organizations focused on children’s education, fitness and wellness, along with their emotional and spiritual development.

The Carricos believe that “every child’s story should be one of triumph.” With the help of over 600 empoyees, they have raised over $1 million for charities nationwide in the past ten years.

During Charity Week, teams give back to their communities by selecting places like a police station or veteran’s center to deliver pizzas, or an animal shelter to deliver pet supplies. They also raise funds that are distributed throughout the year to dozens of charitable organizations in all eight states where Rent One and RNR Midwest have locations. Each contribution has triple the impact, with matches from SKC Enterprises as well as Larry and Sharon Carrico.

As part of Charity Week, team members celebrated the 77 gifts awarded last year, that benefited multiple causes across their local communities, including:

  • The Amy Schulz Child Advocacy Center, which provides a safe place for children who are victims of sexual or severe physical abuse;
  • United Way of the Mark Twain Area, to help with a specific tragedy in the community; and
  • We Are the 22, which combats the veteran suicide epidemic, to provide armor and trauma kits for new responders as the organization expanded into Missouri and Oklahoma.

At the close of this year’s Give Back Charity Week, the teams had committed a total of $100,000 to partner up with local organizations and contribute to approximately 100 charities, helping children and others within their communities over the coming year.

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