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APRO Advocacy Awareness Month Continues

April is APRO Advocacy Awareness Month

Welcome to week two of APRO Advocacy Awareness Month! As we continue our focus on advocating for the rent-to-own industry, we are highlighting two more pivotal initiatives: our Political Action Committee and the Legislative Fellowship Program. These initiatives play a crucial role in our advocacy strategies, ensuring that we protect and advance the interests of our industry.

Political Action Committee

Our Political Action Committee (PAC) stands at the forefront of our advocacy efforts, providing crucial support to key legislators who champion policies benefiting the rent-to-own industry. Through donations from our annual PAC campaign, we equip lawmakers with the resources and insights needed to make informed decisions that promote industry growth and protect our members’ interests. With a streamlined process for online donations and active participation at legislative events, our PAC ensures that our voice is heard and our industry is represented effectively at the policy-making level. APRO Members can access more information about the 2024 APRO PAC Plan by clicking here.

APRO Legislative Fellowships

Our Legislative Fellowship Program is instrumental in shaping the future of the rent-to-own (RTO) industry by training and empowering the next generation of RTO leaders. Fellows participating in this program gain invaluable knowledge and skills during our Legislative Conference, where they learn firsthand about advocacy strategies, legislative processes, and industry challenges. By nurturing emerging talent and fostering a deep understanding of advocacy principles, our Fellowship Program plays a vital role in cultivating advocates who will continue to champion for the integrity and growth of the RTO sector for years to come.

Your active participation and support play a crucial role in shaping policies that safeguard our industry’s integrity and promote its growth. Together, we are making a difference and strengthening our industry’s advocacy efforts. Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s continue working collaboratively towards a brighter future for the RTO community.

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