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RTO World 2023 Speaker Series: Genevieve Condon

In this series, learn about RTO World 2023 speakers, and what you’ll take away from their education session.

Genevieve Condon, Director, Talent Strategy and Employee Engagement, Nationwide Marketing Group

Tell us more about yourself and your interest in sharing your RTO expertise with others. What motivates you to share the “secrets of your success”?

As an educator, it is important to me that knowledge is shared. One of the things I love about human resources is that people are forever changing. That allows me to share and educate others about best practices, new ideas, and innovative techniques to help their businesses thrive in the people space!

Describe your session at RTO World 2023, and what attendees can hope to walk away with, e.g., actionable advice, new ideas, etc.

For retailers, often one of the main pain points is recruiting and retention. If so much time is spent constantly needing to recruit, and having challenges with retaining current employees, valuable time is taken away from the strategy and long term success of the business. My goal for this session is to focus on best practices within the talent space and how to minimize turnover.

What’s your favorite saying or word and why is it important to you?

“There is no such thing as a silly question”. I say this a lot because often I have my students or individuals say “this may be silly but…” and no question is silly. They all add value and aid in further expanding your knowledge and understanding! I am very adamant about asking questions!

What makes you laugh?

My son. Three-year olds are just funny.

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