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RTO World 2023 Speaker Series: Mike Tissot

In this series, learn about RTO World 2023 speakers, and what you’ll take away from their education session.

Mike Tissot, President, Countryside Rentals dba Rent-2-Own

Tell us more about yourself and your interest in sharing your RTO expertise with others. What motivates you to share your “secrets of success”?

I love RTO. RTO was infused into my bloodstream from my dad, some of my greatest mentors, and the amazing and talented team I get to work with every day. We have worthwhile work and a just cause in this industry – we get to help people own nice stuff, and our customers need us. Since 1985, Countryside has tried everything and has hit a few home runs. I love to share anything that works. 

Describe your session at RTO World 2023, and what attendees can expect to gain from it, , e.g., actionable advice, new ideas, etc.

I love making my company a great place to work. I have two ACES that we play daily to make that happen. There are six things I will review in depth that we spend a ton of energy on: Appreciation, Compensation, Environment (ACE) and Alignment, Communication and Empowerment (ACE). Everyone who attends will gain at least these battle-tested six nuggets to take home and use.

What’s your favorite saying or word, and why is it important to you?

I have so many – I read too much. I love Simon Sinek and Seth Godin and James Clear and their work. My new message for our company is, “I would rather be all in, than give in.”  

What makes you laugh?

I laugh at when my dad laughs.  I laugh at all Mike Strong‘s (Owner of Mike Strong Inc. dba Mike’s) jokes. 

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