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The Value of APRO Membership: Education

One way APRO supports our members’ success is through our extensive education efforts. APRO provides continual education advancing the use of best business practices to benefit and improve both individual member companies and the rent-to-own industry.

We achieve this by:

  • creating consistency in RTO business practices;
  • maintaining and promoting an industry-wide Code of Ethics;
  • marketing the RTO industry overall and helping our member companies with their marketing; and
  • helping APRO members attract and retain superior talent and customers.

APRO leaders present and facilitate educational sessions for state rental-dealer associations, industry buying groups, company meetings, and other events. We also provide guidance on relevant speakers – both within and outside the industry – for such rent-to-own gatherings. And APRO coordinates the many education sessions that play a key role in RTO World, the industry’s biggest event of the year.

APRO provides for and allows us all to connect and network, sharing innovative ideas and strategies to benefit our industry. I was honored to present at RTO World 2022 and provide insights into how to be a leader in this new post-pandemic era.”

Danny Lastra, District Manager, CPL Group Inc. dba Rent King
Attendees at an RTO World 2022 educational session.

The (cybersecurity) webinar was on-point, bringing real-life experiences to the forefront. The presenters were knowledgeable, insightful, and on-topic. The flow of information allowed all attendees to understand the true impact of cyber-breaches on businesses, no matter their size. Thank you for helping APRO members grow by spreading awareness, knowledge, and education.”

Salvatore Moccia, Director of Client Relations, Ideal Software Systems

The APRO Code of Ethics is comprised of industry standards that all our member companies are expected to meet or exceed. These ethical standards help RTO businesses avoid legal trouble, manage and advance their reputations, and strengthen consumer confidence in both their companies and rent-to-own.

APRO offers important information and education through our well-established digital and print communication channels. We publish an award-winning biannual magazine (RTOHQ: The Magazine), a weekly e-newsletter (APRO Today), and weekly social media content. APRO also hosts several topic-specific webinars each year. Additionally, the Members-Only section of our website provides state-statute updates, informational videos, and APRO’s industry research and results.

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