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RNR Honors Moms with Free Tires & Car Giveaway

APRO member RNR Tire Express recently honored mothers nationwide with its 2022 Mother’s Day Giveaway, which gifts free sets of tires to select nominees, and a brand-new car to one deserving and typically super-surprised mom. With more RNR franchise locations participating in this year’s giveaway than ever before, more than 5,000 nominations were submitted nationwide, every single one singing the praises of a deserving mother.

On the Friday before Mother’s Day, the RNR team showed up at the workplace of Shante Johnson in Safety Harbor, Florida. A single mom of four, Shante was nominated for the giveaway by her eldest daughter, who shared a glimpse of her mother’s non-stop daily life. Shante works two full-time jobs to provide for her family, travels by bus or walks everywhere she needs to go, and is currently battling a breast cancer diagnosis.

“So few make greater sacrifices or tirelessly give of themselves to the extent that a mother does on a day-to-day basis,” said Larry Sutton, RNR Tire Express’ Founder & CEO. “Reading the countless stories that came in from all around the country on mothers who are going the extra mile truly drives that home – and makes this yearly give-back effort all the more rewarding for our whole team.”

Joined by family, friends, and coworkers, Shante was handed the keys to a brand-new 2022 Hyundai Kona to reward her for all the work she does, all the responsibility she has, and all the love she shows her children every day.

“My kids are amazing,” she said. “Just to know they recognize the hard work I put in for them is a beautiful thing. And for someone outside of our family to take notice of that, too, is an incredible feeling. Getting a brand-new car is something that will make things so much easier for my family – thank you!”

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