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Changes – and Choices – Coming to Instagram’s Feed

Instagram head Adam Mosseri launched the new year with a big announcement for the app: substantial updates are coming to the Instagram feed – the main way users see posts from everyone they follow – in 2022.

Instagram will begin offering users three different feed options they can switch between:

  • Home – This default will stay the same as the standard Home feed users see today: a combination of accounts you follow and what the app thinks you will like, ordered by what the algorithm thinks is most relevant for you;
  • Following – This tab will be a chronological feed of all people you follow; and
  • Favorites – This tab will be a chronological feed of only the accounts you designate as favorites; you can make this your own – favoring family, friends, competitors, influencers, whatever you don’t want to miss.
Jessica Mahon is the Marketing Director for Countryside Rentals dba Rent-2-Own

According to Mosseri, Instagram is rolling out a test of the new tri-feed to select users right now, but is hoping to launch the final version of the new feeds within the next six months.

RTO digital-marketing experts are cautiously optimistic about the Insta changes. Jessica Mahon, Marketing Director for APRO member Countryside Rentals dba Rent-2-Own, is reserving judgment about the new feeds until everyone can use them.

“We don’t yet know all the details of these features – how to toggle between them or how easy they may be to use,” said Mahon. “Ultimately, the way Instagram is changing its feed could make it more competitive to be seen.”

Amberlee Maya, Director of Marketing at Rent King, is more hopeful the new feeds might improve rent-to-own businesses’ Instagram experience.

Amberlee Maya is the Director of Marketing at Rent King

“It’s been a struggle for our stores to really gain momentum on Instagram,” Maya said. “Hopefully, this change will bring more opportunities for those who do follow us to actually see our content. Plus, we’ll be able to ask people to add us to their favorites, so they never miss an awesome offer or giveaway.”

Regardless of how Instagram feeds might change, digital-marketing professionals urge users to remember that engaging, fun, and educational content – especially videos – will still be key to connecting and growing via the app.

“My best advice is to continue to leverage and utilize Instagram’s current features to their maximum potential,” Mahon concludes. “Create a monthly content plan that aligns with your goals, then create eye-catching, fun content that encourages user engagement, use video whenever you can, use the highlights tools, use stories, create ads, and tell your RTO story!”

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