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Florida State Association Leaders Talk Top 4 Priorities for 2021

The Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA)’s board of directors recently got together to discuss the year ahead and determine the organization’s key objectives for 2021. APRO Member RNR Tire Express hosted the meeting at its Tampa, Florida, headquarters.

From left: Ruben Flores, Adam Sutton, Chris Kale Sr., Paul Metivier, Larry Sutton, Lisa and Mike Gavidia, Sharon Tomaszewski, Shirin Kanji, and Chris Kale Jr.

Once board members had reviewed the association’s budget and financial standing, the meeting moved on to the group’s top projects for this year, which will include:

  • Creating a new website for the association;
  • Planning an FRDA-hosted RTO World pre-party – Spearheaded by Shirin Kanji, President of Impact RTO Holdings, dba Rent-A-Center, the board wants to put together a stress-free soirée for members and vendors to enjoy before event business begins;
  • Discovering ways to continue the association’s tradition of visiting the state capitol in Tallahassee to connect with Florida lawmakers about the rent-to-own business – While face-to-face meetings may not yet be doable, the board is exploring options for keeping their presence strong with statewide leaders; and
  • Infusing FRDA’s board of directors with new people and fresh ideas – board members intend to establish typical officer positions with corresponding functions and accountability, as well as strategically add some enlivening and passionate ambassadors to the association.

“We reached a consensus on how we’re going to address these four top projects, and who will help get them done,” said FRDA President Paul Metivier, who is also Vice President of Operations for Impact RTO. “This board is highly engaged and energized, so we had no shortage of ideas or volunteers.”

The board meeting concluded with a big catchup session, during which everyone shared how they did – both professionally and personally – during 2020. Best practices, lessons learned, and funny stories were shared in abundance.

FRDA board members attending included Ruben Flores of R&B Dreammakers, dba Premier Rental-Purchase, Mike Gavidia, Chris Kale Jr. of Happy’s Home Centers Inc, Chris Kale Sr. of CPL Group Inc., dba Rent King, Shirin Kanji of Impact RTO Holdings, dba Rent-A-Center, Paul Metivier of Impact RTO Holdings, dba Rent-A-Center, Adam Sutton of RNR Tire Express, and Sharon Tomaszewski of Rent King/Great Rooms.

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