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RNR Honors Cancer Survivors with Rockstar Prizes

RNR’s You’re a Rockstar New Car Giveaway honoree Carrie Hodge with President David Harrison.

Rental Concepts LLC dba RNR Tire Express in Springfield, Missouri, along with manufacturer Nexen Tire, recently held its You’re a Rockstar New Car Giveaway, honoring a local breast-cancer survivor with a brand-new 2020 Buick Encore outfitted with Nexen tires from RNR.

Carrie Renee Hodge was chosen as the grand-prize winner from more than a thousand survivors nominated for the giveaway this year. Hodge received her prize during a small ceremony held at an RNR store in Springfield, Missouri, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Carrie, for your love and sacrifice, your giving heart and spirit, on behalf of RNR Tire Express and Nexen Tire, we want to present this to you,” said David Harrison, President of Rental Concepts LLC dba RNR Tire Express, Rental Concepts West LLC dba RNR Tire Express and HSAC LLC dba RNR Tire Express.

Nominated by her two children, Hodge was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and fought the disease for two-and-a-half years, undergoing many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as surgery. Today, she is thankfully cancer-free.

“She had to walk through bitterly hard days and horribly dark hours, but through it all, my mom was a shining example of dignity, grace, hope and faith,” reads her nomination.

A “mama bear in the best sense of the word,” Hodge is also a passionate teacher. “She is a solid pillar of love, compassion and life to so many people,” the nomination continues. “She makes every birthday, holiday and event special, exciting and unforgettable with her brilliantly creative ideas, careful planning and go-big-or-go-home attitude – not only for our family, but for each of her students and their families as well.”

Hodge’s many cancer treatments and procedures left the family struggling financially. A large part of her job includes driving between many students’ houses every day to provide homebound teaching services for students who are unable to attend school in person. She had been driving a 19-year-old hand-me-down vehicle with continuous issues. Now, thanks to RNR and Nexen, Hodge has reliable transportation and arrives in rock-star style!

Two other survivors and single moms were also deservingly honored by RNR Tire Express, each winning $1,000 cash, a VIP spa day package, and brand-new tires.

Sandra Arredondo of Sebring, Florida, is a single mother of two who was diagnosed at 30 years old with Stage 4 breast cancer, just after unexpectedly losing her fiancé. Arrendondo underwent several rounds of intensive radiation and chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, several reconstructive surgeries and – because she carries the BRCA mutation – a full hysterectomy. Amidst her treatment, her home was badly damaged by Hurricane Emma and Arrendondo lost her mother to lung cancer.

“Despite all of this, she has sown great resilience, and continues to remain positive and grateful,” reads her nomination. “She is the epitome of brave, and most definitely a survivor.”

Kimberly Anderson of Anderson, Indiana, is a single mom and art teacher who put herself through college while raising two boys – one with special needs – and fighting breast cancer. Today, she is a vocal advocate for breast-cancer awareness.

“Even with all that has happened to her, [Anderson] always has an optimistic outlook on life,” reads her nomination. “Her friends sing her praises, about how amazing she is and how she deserves something nice.”

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