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Kansas Rental Dealers Association Supports Food-4-Kids

The Kansas Rental Dealers Association donated $5,000 to help kids across Kansas. The donation was made to Food-4-Kids, which provides food to kids who need it.

Angela Strong-McCool, President of the Kansas Rental Dealers Association, noticed an increase in vehicles waiting in line for food at schools in her hometown. She decided to see if she and other KRDA members could help. Research led her to Food-4-Kids, and after discussions with Director Debi Kreutzman, she decided this was the best way for KRDA to help local communities across Kansas.

Food-4-Kids is a program of the Kansas Foodbank ( Its mission is to help students who are food insecure to get the food they need. They supply food to Kansas community schools, which then distribute it to kids who need it. Currently, Food-4-Kids feeds more than 6,400 children across Kansas and is expecting a 48% increase once the school year begins.

Strong-McCool explains, “Once I identified the need in our local community, I reached out to a few other dealers with my desire to help this organization. We knew that the need was statewide and that this was the best place to help as many kids as we possibly could within our state.”

She presented the idea to the KRDA board, which resoundingly approved, and she coordinated donations totaling $5,000, which was presented to Food-4-Kids at the end of July.

Thank you, Angela Strong-McCool and the Kansas Rental Dealers Association for making a real difference in the lives of children in your communities.

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