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New Group, RTO Boss Ladies, Provides a Forum for Women in RTO

Casey Fowler, a store manager at Rent One in Sikeston, Missouri, has formed a Facebook group called the RTO Boss Ladies. She says she formed this group for two main reasons: 1) to shine a light on women in the RTO industry, and 2) to provide a forum for them to rally together and support each other through empowerment, sharing knowledge and uplifting messages. Every day, the group members have discussions and share uplifting quotes and positive messages.  

Fowler explains her inspiration for forming this group, “As women in the RTO industry we have to rally together and sometimes women just need a forum where other women just simply understand. I want nothing more than to see more women succeed in this industry and I think by creating a support system that is at their fingertips, it will allow them to flourish.”

Interested in joining the RTO Boss Ladies Facebook Group? Search for “RTO Boss Ladies” on Facebook. While it is publicly listed, it is a private group. Submit a request to join and one of the admins will verify your employment in the RTO industry and approve your membership in the group. 

Thank you, Casey Fowler, for your leadership in forming the RTO Boss Ladies Facebook Group.

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