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The ShopSafe Promise Commences for Dealers

Nationwide Marketing Group announced free CDC-approved training modules for retailers, called ShopSafe. As many rent-to-own stores reopen and become even more accessible to the public, shops that complete the complimentary training courses can inform their customers they have taken the ShopSafe Promise. This promise dedicates itself to consumers. It keeps them informed that the area adheres to CDC recommended COVID-19 safeguards, making shopping safer and convenient.

“RTO businesses should consider using this time to show the reality and the heart of the industry,” said Director of Nationwide RentDirect, Keven Dalke. “By following this program and making the ShopSafe Promise, rent-to-own dealers can genuinely let their customers see how much dealers care about them and their safety.”

This training is available for RTO dealers who sell appliances, electronics, furniture, bedding and outdoor entertainment products and consist of 18 modules for staff to take. The modules cover topics including preventive measures, understanding how and why the virus spreads, warning signs of illness, managing packages and returns during the pandemic and more.

Once completing the ShopSafe Promise, rental dealers will also have access to marketing materials to distribute to their customers about the promise from Nationwide. RTO dealers could already match the required actions to maintain the pledge – these actions include:

-Employee health screening each day

-Employee face coverings at all times

-Disposable masks provided for all customers

-Adherence to social distancing guidelines

– Frequent deep cleaning of surfaces

-Access to hand sanitizer, soap and water

-Contactless delivery options

-And more

“While we all may be socially distant these days, most ShopSafe Promise businesses are locally owned,” said Mike Whitaker, the head of the Nationwide Learning Academy. “They’re integral to the fabric of the community. Their customers and staff are also their friends and neighbors. And that’s why they’re so dedicated and willing to make the ShopSafe Promise to their customers and for their communities.”

More information about the ShopSafe Promise can be found at,

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