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RNR Honors a Nurse for Mother’s Day Giveaway

Adam Sutton with RNR Mother’s Day Car Giveaway winner Angela Carley and her family.

On Mother’s Day, RNR Tire Express continued its tradition of an annual car giveaway to one special mother. From the end of April, RNR communities had the opportunity to nominate standout mothers from their stories of sacrifice, commitment and dedication to motherhood.

This year the winner selected is a woman who’s taken selfless actions and committed to helping others amid the pandemic. As a full-time nurse and graduate student working towards her master’s degree, Angela Carley is this year’s winner. 

“We received thousands of entries for mothers across the region and each story was touching and deserving,” said Executive Vice President, Adam Sutton. “RNR is honored to show our appreciation for Angela’s commitment to her family and devotion to keeping people healthy during the pandemic.”

This year’s giveaway for Carley will include a new 2020 Buick Encore customized with a new set of tires. Her vehicle, which she depends upon to deliver care to her patients, was not in an optimal condition.

“The goal of our annual Mother’s Day Car Giveaway is to share a glimmer of hope and joy with a deserving mother and her family, that is especially so important to continue in the current national state,” said Founder and President of RNR, Larry Sutton

The Mother’s Day Car Giveaway initiative was started by APRO Board Member David Harrison, the president of Rental Concepts LLC, dba RNR Tire Express, in honor of his own mother. He saw her struggle as she raised four children on her own. Once Harrison reached a point in his life where he could repay his mother, he gifted her a new car. The magnitude of her gratitude and happiness touched Harrison, which in turn inspired the national annual giveaway – one that will continue to help deserving moms around the nation for years to come.

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