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Emerging Professionals Explore Making their Mark in Today’s Rent-to-Own Industry

Atlanta – Emerging RTO professionals had a unique opportunity to examine their future career trajectories in a breakout session at the TRIB Group’s Homecoming Meeting of the Minds last month in the Georgia state capital.

Adam Stark moderates the conversation for the crowd.

Adam Stark, partner of Florida-based Happy’s Home Centers Inc., moderated the “Make Your Mark in Today’s Rent-To-Own Industry” discussion, which used a conversational approach to stimulate an informal, but in-depth exploration of the topic. Stark was assisted by Jessica Mahon, Marketing Director at Countryside Rentals Inc., dba Rent-2-Own, and Dale Anderson, store manager of Jaguar Holdings LLC, dba Eagle Rental-Purchase, who provided talking points and helped breakout attendees clarify their ideas on four key topics critical for career advancement: how and when to ask for more; getting involved with the business; building a personal brand; and setting personal goals.

“It is important for success in any industry to develop a clear understanding of the industry’s landscape as well as an understanding of how individuals advance to its top levels of leadership and responsibility,” says Stark. “This session prompted significant reflection among all participants about the practical steps individuals interested having an influence in the RTO industry can take to position themselves for long-term success.”

Jessica Mohan gives her input on the topic of career development.

Among ideas advanced during the session were RTO professionals being efficient with their current workloads, being prepared for the unavoidable negatives encountered in the workplace and being confident about overcoming the obstacles that arise. Other suggestions included being motivated about the businesses and asking questions; seeking out and asking for ways to help the business thrive; and seeking additional tasks when ready to contribute more.

“Building a personal brand also was of considerable interest, but not something everyone had previously considered,” says Mahon. “We agreed on the importance of knowing what you’re good at and what makes you stand out from your peers, along with being intentional about constantly learning more about your craft and taking full responsibility for your mistakes.”

Kelly Martin explains her experience within the Rent-to-Own industry.

Anderson also underscored the participant’s agreement about the value of setting and achieving robust career goals. “Ask yourself where you want to be, how you see yourself getting there, and whether your goals are realistic,” she says. “If you don’t know where you’re going, you are not likely to get there.”

Many participants in the well-received breakout session also attended the Emerging Professionals Social and Happy Hour sponsored by APRO the evening before.

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