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Making Her Mark: Amarah Howard

For more than a decade, APRO’s Education Foundation has annually provided scholarships to rent-to-own professionals and their families. APRO members have contributed generously to the association’s Scholarship Fund – awarding 357 scholarships totaling $830,750 to date – to help students connected with RTO pursue their college degrees.

Amarah Howard, a first-year student attending Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, is a fantastic example of the hard-working students who the program has awarded scholarships to in 2019.

One word that might describe Howard: driven. While attending high school, she maintained a demanding schedule as a full time student and athlete, all while working two part-time jobs. She was steadily involved in her church, and an active participant in her high school’s Spanish Club, Student Government, and Pep Club, among others.

Being involved in all of these actives has given Howard a strong sense of responsibility and leadership that she knows will catapult her into shaping the person that she is becoming and help make her mark on this world. When she sets a goal, she speaks it into existence and meets it head on.

Her story is just one of the dozens that generous donations from the RTO community makes possible. Each year, the APRO Scholarship Foundation is able to provide students like Howard the resources they need to take ownership of their futures thanks to your continued support.

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