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FRDA Legislative Meeting Takes Tallahassee

From Left: Chris Kale Jr., Chris Kale Sr., Representative Will Robinson, Ruben Flores, Sharon Tomaszewski.

On February 12, 2020, FRDA held its annual Legislative Meeting in Tallahassee, Florida. This yearly trek started more than 15 years ago for the state association and hasn’t stopped since. This year’s attendees list included:

Aminah Bethea, Store Manager at Impact RTO

Craig Carroccino, Store Manager at Impact RTO

Ruben Flores, FRDA board member

Jonathan Hobbs, Regional Manager at Impact RTO

From Left: Ruben Flores, Representative Jackie Toledo, Sharon Tomaszewski, Chris Kale Jr., Chris Kale Sr.

Chris Kale Jr., TRIB President and FRDA board member

Chris Kale Sr., APRO President and FRDA board

Shirin Kanji, APRO and FRDA board member

Paul Metivier, FRDA President

Lisa Mitchell, Regional Director at Impact RTO

Adam Sutton, APRO and FRDA board member

Sharon Tomaszewski, FRDA Past President

“We had a magnificent time spreading the positive word about our industry to the leaders of the great state of Florida!” said FRDA President Paul Metivier on his experience with the trip.

From Left: Craig Carroccino, Aminah Bethea, Lisa Mitchell, Senator Joe Gurters, Paul Metivier, Jonathan Hobbs.

Metivier recently stepped into the role as FRDA’s president in December with 11 years of experience as a member of FRDA’s board of directors.

Advocates held 13 meetings with state representatives, senators and legislative staff. FRDA also met with the Florida Retail Federation in the morning and discussed important bills that will be both helpful and challenging for brick and mortar retail operators in Florida.

The FRDA group then headed to their meetings with Representative Will Robinson, Representative Jackie Toledo, and Senator Joe Gruters. The crew took the opportunity to develop their professional and personal relationships with Florida’s lawmakers.

This event is vital for the rent-to-own industry to protect Florida’s RTO transaction. Because of their hard work, FRDA is able to network with legislators and have their voices heard as community leaders. To recreate what FRDA did on a federal level, register here to attend the APRO Legislative Conference.

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