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Congressman Visits APRO Member Store

From left, Frye’s daughter Ebony, Frye, Congressman Joyce and Frye’s other daughter Nicole.

A prominent figure dropped by White Rose Enterprises, dba Premier Rental-Purchase last week in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Owner and APRO member Sandi Frye was ecstatic to welcome Congressman John Joyce of Pennsylvania’s 14th congressional district into her store.

“He was very receptive to what we have to offer our customers,” Frye recalled about the visit.

Frye, who receives weekly email updates from the politician, decided on a lark to extend the invitation to him to discuss all that the industry has to offer.

“Within a week (of emailing him), his office called and scheduled (the meeting),” she said. “He really liked the services we supply and the fact that we are a locally owned business. I would say he’s supportive of rent-to-own.”

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