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APRO on the GO: APRO Visits Members in the Pacific Northwest

Moriah Eberhart, APRO Membership Manager, with Mel Bennett, President of Northwest Rental Dealers Association and Owner of MHB Rent-to-own, Inc. dba Colortyme in Aberdeen, Washington.

APRO is on the GO! Our mission is to personally meet APRO members as often as we can, and learn more about their operations firsthand. APRO membership manager Moriah Eberhart recently paid a visit to two members of our rent-to-own family. Eberhart visited Mel Bennett, president of Northwest Rental Dealers Association and owner of MHB Rent-to-own, Inc. dba Colortyme in Aberdeen, Washington, and Bob Wallace, owner of Remote Support Inc., dba in Oregon City, Oregon.

Colortyme team from left to right: Andrew Roach, Jeremie Throp, Keith Davis and Mel Bennett

In Washington State, Eberhart met Bennett’s welcoming Colortyme team. She quickly learned about Bennett’s generous leadership style that doesn’t stop with his immaculate, organized, and well-stocked rent-to-own store. He provides meals to his weekend employees, while also hosting events that regularly provide water to the homeless population throughout the community. “His caring nature is an amazing representation of goodwill,” says Eberhart. “Mel reaches out and supports his city. He truly knows the meaning of ‘breaking bread’ with your neighbors.”

Bob Wallace, Owner of Remote Support Inc., dba in Oregon City, Oregon. 

While in Oregon, Wallace gave Eberhart a tour of his facility. Eberhart was amazed by how much the company evolved over the years. The company adapted to the challenges and innovations of online ordering without skipping a beat. “We had to face reality and stay in business, so we developed partnerships with Amazon, eBay, NewEgg, and,” shares Wallace. Wallace shared fun facts such as how his team developed the Redi Remote – a custom-built replacement remote.

APRO’s last member store visit was in June. Read more about APRO on the Go: Florida, Ohio, Texas.  

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