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APRO on the GO: APRO Visits Ohio Member Stores and Lobbyists

ORDA President Mike Tissot, former President of the Ohio Senate Tom Niehaus, APRO Executive Director Jill McClure and ORDA Lobbyist David Hoeffel
Last week, APRO Executive Director Jill McClure visited members of the Ohio Rental Dealers Association (ORDA) and ORDA’s lobbyists, Vorys Advisors. She visited Rent-2-Own stores in Waverly and Chillicothe with ORDA president and  Rent-2-Own owner Mike Tissot and Showplace Rent to Own in Marion with owner and APRO past president Gary Ferriman. McClure also toured each company’s warehouses and headquarter offices. “It was an excellent visit – two solid examples of how leading operators are innovating, and creating a customer-focused culture in their companies,” shares McClure. “I was most impressed by seeing firsthand the dedication of the store managers and employees. The employees love their customers. They work hard to provide the most positive experience possible for them.” McClure also had the opportunity to see the new RNR Tire Express currently under construction in Marion, Ohio. ORDA vice president, Keith Ferriman, is the owner and operator of the new store set to open in January. McClure, along with Tissot and Ferriman, met with ORDA lobbyist David Hoeffel of Vorys Advisors to discuss current issues and events affecting operators in Ohio. Former president of the Ohio Senate, Tom Niehaus, currently with Vorys Advisors, also joined the meeting. Click here to see more photos of APRO on the Go in Ohio.

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