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Rent One Rewards “Over the Top Achievers” with a Free Trip to Mexico

Rockstar employees at SKC Enterprises, dba Rent One have won the jackpot this year with an all-inclusive, expenses-paid trip to Mexico! Rent One’s incentive program, “Club Million,” honors the top Midwest managers and regional managers with a plane ticket to a beach resort this summer. This year is the last year this program is going to be known as “Club Million” but that is not a worry for Rent One and RNR Tire Express employees. The program will continue to go on next year as the newly revamped, “Over the Top Achievers.”

The newly branded Over the Top Achievers incentive program was inspired by Larry Carrico’s famous saying, “I’ll see you over the top!” Carrico, CEO of Rent One, and Kelly Martin, VP of Corporate Strategy & Culture of Rent One, find that the incentive program brings great value to its employees as the company continues to grow.

To qualify for the trip next year, Over the Top Achievers must meet the qualifications below.

·     First-time million dollar store managers’ store must bring in a million dollars

·     Repeat million dollar store managers’ store must bring in $1 more in revenue than the previous year OR be above average in net income/revenue ratio

·     Regional managers must have their entire region bring in $1 more in revenue than the previous along with having a qualifying million-dollar store 

That’s it! In addition to the free trip to Mexico, Over the Top Achievers will receive annual perks that include an award at the annual company meeting, hand-delivered steaks, points added to their personal awards system, public recognition of their achievement, and miscellaneous prizes distributed throughout the year.

Good luck to everyone on their way to achieving this accomplishment in the current 2019 contest! For more information on Rent One’s Over the Top Achievers incentive program, contact Kelly Martin at 314/400.6340,

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