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National TV Sales and Rental Celebrates Its Best of 2018

National TV Sales & Rental Store of the Year Award went to Lebanon, MO.

National TV Sales & Rental held its annual awards banquet March 20 at the White River Conference Center. Employees spent the day enjoying the aquarium and wildlife museums and attending an awards banquet honoring the company’s biggest accomplishments.

”This was a big day for us and the venue was out-of-this-world exciting for our team members,” says Terry Beauchamp, National TV Sales & Rental Marketing Manager. “We closed all of our locations and purchased tour tickets for every employee and a guest. We started the day off with a tour of the Aquarium and Wonders of Wildlife Museum, followed by a happy hour and dinner in the White River Conference Center.”

Mark Windsor and Michelle Jackson with Employee of the Year Sibo Bohannan (middle)

Awards were presented for the company’s biggest accomplishments and successes of 2018. Honorees included Don Blakey, 20 Years of Service; Zach Hayes, Lowest Card Close; Ron Slater, Soaring Eagle; Kathy Ramirez, CSR of the Year; Derrick Ingold, Salesman of the Year; Zach Hayes, Rookie of the Year; Ryan Sherrer, Assistant Manager of the Year; Sibo Bohannan, Highest Percent Revenue Increase; Jason Shultz, Most Customer Gain; Chris Chadwell, Account Manager of the Year; Tom Welshimer, Manager of the Year; Jason Shultz, Store of the Year; Sibo Bohannan, Employee of the Year; and Terry Beauchamp, Corporate Employee of the Year.

Elise Nizamutdinova of PTS Financial flew in for the event and joined Aaron Windsor in awarding Club Plan contest winners. Steve Wilmsmeir with Autco also joined them for the evening. In addition, Don Blakey awarded the Golden Remote award to Kacee Linton on behalf of the store located in Ava, MO, as they did not order any replacement remotes during the business year 2018.

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