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RTO Peer Support Never Strikes Out

David Kaye, Larrico Carrico and Al Benson

Last fall, the APRO Board of Directors and the APRO Vendor Advisory Committee met for APRO’s annual board meeting. In the course of business as usual, a trio of rent-to-own veterans, industry leaders and longtime friends – Al BensonLarry Carrico and David Kaye – realized they would once again be at the same place at the same time, and soon!

Benson and Kaye, attending an industry event in Fort Myers, FL, were able to take a break to go watch and support Carrico playing baseball for the St. Louis Patriots – a division of the St. Louis Baseball Forever League – at the Roy Hobbs Annual World Series. Carrico, who has been playing baseball for forty years, is the 60+-division Patriots’ catcher. Patriots won, 5-2!

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