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Latest RTOHQ: The Magazine Tax Act Delivers Cash to Your Wallet

The cover story for the Spring 2018 issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine takes a look at Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which made some notable changes to the Internal Revenue Code. Most of these changes took effect January 1, 2018, while a select few were effective starting the 2017 tax year. On page 30, you can learn how you and your business are affected as we sort through the details. In this issue, enjoy reading about the events and many attractions at RTO World 2018: The National Rent-to-Own Convention and Trade Show Hosted by APRO and TRIB Group, August 21-23 in St. Louis, Missouri. Get ready for the biggest rent-to-own convention and trade show. While you’re in St. Louis, mixing RTO World business with pleasure will be easy with so much this destination has to offer. Check out page 22 to plan your trip to St. Louis for RTO World! For our member profiles this issue, we spotlight Terah Vail and Geron Vail, a father and daughter working together to challenge and encourage one another at FAN Sales & Leasing, dba Aaron’s, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. You can read their full stories on pages 46 and 52. And if you have not had the pleasure of meeting him, let us introduce you to RNR Tire Express Vice President of Franchising Vince Ficarotta in this issue’s APROfile. With an entrepreneurial lineage, this Floridian is rolling out successful franchisees while indulging in some playful piracy. A few months ago, APRO members met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill for the annual APRO Legislative Conference. In our feature, “APRO Shakes Hands on The Hill,” we report on the conference and the legislative experience. Always one of APRO’s most read and appreciated contributors to RTOHQ: The Magazine is the association’s general counsel, Ed Winn III. In this issue, he delves into liability damage waivers (LDW) and provides a quick review of rental agreements and LDW. Because there are few, if any, rental dealers who do not offer an optional LDW in their rental agreement, Winn explores the details regarding who is responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed rental property. Click here to read the entire Spring 2018 issue of RTOHQ: The Magazine.

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