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Pennsylvania Rental Dealers Association Meet May 15 in Harrisburg

The Pennsylvania Rental Dealers Association will meet for its annual association meeting May 15, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Harrisburg Hilton in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The meeting is open to PARD members, members of other state associations or anyone with rent-to-own stores in Pennsylvania. PARD seeks to form a legislative committee at this meeting with the intention of scheduling a fall meeting with elected officials. PARD was reorganized and reactivated in 2006 and has hosted annual meetings since focusing on educating members on various industry-related topics as well as hosting various guest speakers. This year’s meeting will feature President of Countryside Rentals and President of the Ohio Rental Dealer’s Association Mike Tissot,  Rivero, Gordimer & Company CPA Michael Helton, Rent-A-Center Store Manager Keith Brock, Audit Advantage’s Joe Hickey, Central File’s Al Benson, APRO Director of Government Relations Apurva Naik, Color Ad’s Rose Oldenkamp, BugOut Thermal Extermination System’s Mike Frye, and Benefit Marketing Solution’s David Kaye. This year’s meeting will also be attended by students from the Nativity School, a nonprofit Catholic school for inner-city students from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which the state association donates to each year. This year’s meeting vendors, D&H Distributing and FW Promo donated 50 headphones and 40 monogrammed swimsuits to the school. PARD membership dues are $35 per store and $150 for vendors. To make reservations online, click here. For more information about PARD, how to join or about registering for the annual meeting, contact association President Sandi Frye at 814/949-2300,

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