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Bauer Opens Second Premier Rental-Purchase in Lancaster

The Premier Companies recently announced the opening of its newest location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The new store is owned by APRO member and 2014 Premier Dealer of the Year recipient David Bauer. This is Bauer’s second Premier store, the first opened in December 2007 and is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Bauer attributes the notion of, “hire right, train right and treat right,” to his success.  He is comfortable with the Harrisburg store’s achievements over the years and has the confidence in his staff to take on the reins while he focuses on the new store in Lancaster. “My staff, along with Premier programs and support, has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals,” says Bauer. “I appreciate that I can make decisions on my own, focusing on the personal needs of my customers without being restricted by corporate policies. However, I take advantage of the support corporate offers so that I can focus on my business and what I do best.” Bauer expects to open another Premier Rental-Purchase within five years.

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