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Are You Following APRO’s Digital Channels of Communication?

How do you receive news? Chances are high that your news updates come in some type of digital form. Whether news is received by email subscriptions, customized alerts, internet search engines or social media, APRO News is no different. APRO has three main channels of digital communication: website,; e-newsletter, RTO Today; and social media, Facebook and Twitter.  Each channel distributes rent-to-own industry news differently so it is important to understand the difference and what to expect from each. APRO’s website,, is the hub for all industry and association related information. Industry news is displayed on the website’s landing page as well as its own page titled “Industry News” located under the “News Publications & Advertising” pulldown tab along the top of the website’s homepage. APRO’s news page is updated as news is received. RTO Today, APRO’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, is the association website’s convenient counterpart. The newsletter is published twice a week and delivered to your email address of choice. RTO Today features industry news as well as industry alerts that directly impact your business. With plenty of articles regarding current events, you will always be up to speed with RTO happenings. You will also find information on any conferences, meetings or shows that are coming up in the next few months. If you don’t have time to explore APRO’s website, click here to start receiving RTO Today this week. Craving RTO updates on an even more convenient platform? Look no further than your very own Facebook and Twitter accounts. APRO’s social media pages for Facebook and Twitter can be found by searching its handle, @RTOHQ. Industry news is distributed in an even more up-to-date fashion on APRO’s social media but visibility can be tricky…
APRO’s Twitter Page
On Twitter, simply “follow” to add APRO to your newsfeed. Once you’re following, you can go one step further and select “Turn on mobile notifications” to receive APRO tweet alerts.
APRO’s Facebook Page
On Facebook, select to “Like” the page to add APRO to your newsfeed. Once you’ve done so, be sure to “Follow” the page as well to receive every post. You can then customize how you would like to see updates in your feed by updating your preferences on the “Following” pulldown tab. We encourage engagement on all of APRO’s digital channels of communication so please, like, comment, share or retweet. We’re happy to do the same! Make sure to let APRO know of any events, past or upcoming, that you would like publicized. Send us your press releases, photographs and videos, and we will be sure the word gets out. For assistance, more information or to submit industry news, contact APRO’s Director of Marketing Communications Valerie Villarreal, 800/204-2776, ext. 105,

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