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RTO Insights: Unheralded Rent-to-Own Markets

In the latest installment of RTO Insights, APRO’s rent-to-own video series on YouTube, the association’s general counsel, Ed Winn III, discusses some of the advantages in two unheralded Rent-to-own markets: the musical instrument market and the barn & storage market. Winn states that both markets are in the RTO world and they too recognize that customers value access over ownership. He suggests that the musical instrument and the barn & storage markets fit into the RTO family as the two enhance the overall image of the industry by prioritizing customer satisfaction which is reflected as both markets have managed to maintain a complaint-free reputation over the years. APRO’s monthly RTO Insights series is sponsored by RentDirect Nationwide. For more information on RentDirect Nationwide and Nationwide Marketing Group, click here. For the entire RTO Insights series, click here.

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